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Amplify Your Magic [3-month mentorship]


Ready to turn your world-changing spark into a blazing bonfire? 

jumpstart your creativity, uncover the power of your true self, and amplify your magic

three month mentorship: rocket fuel for your intuitive super powers, comfort for your soul, and tinder for your big dreams. 



this Mentorship is for you IF...

You're a brilliant (or budding) writer, artist, entrepreneur, channeler - or any magical combination thereof. 

You're an empath or deeply sensitive person - and you sometimes feel so weighted down by the world that you don't know how to move forward. 

You want to feel better - more joyful, more at peace. 

You know you have a soul-guided purpose - but you need help unlocking it. 

You're ready to step into your big calling, massive potential, and brightest light. 


If you want to devote yourself to your magic and your big work in the world, I want to devote myself to you.



"I love Amber and believe in what she does - she has a true gift. She's such a clear channel. If you're called to step into something big, consider her offering here. Amber has been supporting me, and I can't tell you the difference it has already made in my life. It's exactly what I needed and worth so much to me. Her channeling is one of the most useful things I've encountered, and I want it in my life all the time."





As a gateway for seventh dimensional channeled guidance and healing, mentoring with me and my two high councils - the Magical Animals of Galilee and the Magdalena High Seven - sets you up with guidance from serious ascended badasses and profound quantum healing from sacred animals. 


  • Jam with Jesus and the giraffes to help you ground your highest vision into manifested reality. 
  • Mastermind with Joan of Arc and the dragons to create change in your life and the world. 
  • Honor your divine light with Mary Magdalene and receive an activation from the unicorns to feel your true magnificence all the way down to your bones. 
  • Step into a fiery rebirth of your true potential, your ultimate readiness to help the world regain its balance and divinity with the phoenix.
  • Clear a solid millennia of ancestral baggage with Archangel Michael
  • Feel the comfort and love of your tribe with the lions
  • Receive a golden light re-coding of your cells to activate their highest potential with Archangel Ariel. 
  • Feel yourself wrapped up in tear-inducing waves of love from Mother Mary and the otters.
  • Activate your creative genius with Brigid and receive a healing from the peacock to gleam more brightly in your life and art. 

We'll be guided to whatever healing and activation you most need in this moment for your growth, momentum, and deeper understanding of yourself as the unique and powerful divine being you are. Besides, who doesn't want life advice from a unicorn? 



"Amber is beyond wise and has a special connection with exactly what we need to hear as creatives in this world. My work can fit into two buckets: Before Amber and After Amber. Before Amber I constantly felt guilty about the work I wasn't doing and never took the time to look at everything I'd done as a whole. After Amber means I now give myself permission to take care of myself as a human, which ultimately means I foster the writer. I've stopped trying so hard to bleed myself dry every time I sit in front of my computer. Instead, I write when it feels enjoyable. The result? I've produced significantly more work and it's actually been good. Writers are too hard on themselves, making us prime candidates for an injection of Amber's wisdom. " 



How will this help? 

  • Receive soul- and divinely-guided action steps toward what you most want to build or create.
  • Connect with your own deep knowing.
  • Access the flow of your genius. You'll create like you've never created and write like you've never written.
  • Open the flow of intuition - activate your super powers and dive into your channeling.  
  • Feel lighter and more at peace. Know how deeply you are loved and supported.
  • Enjoy happier, healthier relationships.
  • Come to know your true self in a deeper, more profound way. 
  • Recognize your big purpose here on this spinning blue orb - and move forward in a way that supports you and those you're to here to help.


"Amber's intuitive gift is truly that - a gift. I found myself stuck for several months - trying to wade through the common swamps of uncertainty, anxiety, and "what will they think of me"? I found myself breathing enormous sighs of relief as Amber channeled. She got it - and she provided me with the clarity and guidance that I had been seeking (perhaps for my entire writing career). I furiously scribbled pages of notes as she spoke to me - notes that I've continued to refer back to in the days after, when I find myself falling back into familiar patterns of doubt. Amber's work is a life raft and a lighthouse for writers, for humans. I'm so grateful for the path she's shown me."


Dive into your soul. Empty the simmering cauldron of emotion that baffles and drains you. Be at peace in the wholeness of life - delighting in the joys, feeling the sorrows fully, and knowing that feeling your feelings clears the channel for the kind of inspiration that lights up the world.  Get the key to connecting with your own deep wisdom, bright creativity, and big vision you hold for your life. Major transformation that sets you on the leading edge of your true potential.

For spirit-led women who are ready to fully share their gift with the world. For writers who want to unleash their brilliance and realize their true potential. For channelers who are ready to dive into their super powers. Tinder for your creative genius and comfort for your artistic soul. This work will help you build your empire.

By the time we're done, you'll understand how to burn through your feelings to access peace and clarity. You'll understand the language of your emotion and see how it translates into your own intuitive knowing. You'll get tools for life as a highly sensitive person. You'll lean into aligned action rather than brain-frenzied overwhelm. You'll give and receive more love. You'll live in joy. You'll harness the power of your own deep wisdom. You'll lose the lost and find the light. You'll understand just how powerful you are.

Your work will spark the world's fire, burning away what no longer serves us and ushering in a new earth, the one you can already feel and see thanks to that magic unfurling inside you. 



"Working with Amber, I had no idea what to expect beyond that I trusted her. The words she said, calmly and rationally and insistently - were exactly what I needed to hear. So much so that I spent the next two days in bed, almost exhausted for feeling so seen. So recognized. It was like I could finally exhale after carrying around such worry with me. I needed time to process what she said, and then, coming out the other side, I felt reborn and re-energized. As a writer you'd think I'd have better words to explain but I can't: She's magic." 

Laura Jane Williams

Me March 2017.jpg

Why Did I create this mentorship? 

After a lifetime of hating my feelings, I began connecting with the gifts behind my emotion. This connected me to my own big work. Now I cherish my sensitivity because it's crucial to my abilities as a writer, channeler, healer.

You're here to do big work. You're here to be a light for the world. You're here to live your deepest desires. Everything you need is already contained within you - together, we'll help it unfurl. As a powerful intuitive guide and potent energetic healer, I hold a big and loving space while you step fully in. Your soul has a reason for sending you here today - let's find out what it is. 

If your soul knows this is what you need now, IF YOU'RE CURIOUS, if your heart is expanding right out of your ribcage at the possibilities ... let's talk!




What You'll Receive During Our three Months Together: 

  • We begin with an intensive day for deep and transformational work. We'll spend three hours together in the morning, in session and ceremony, and you'll take the rest of the day off to rest and integrate. Conducted online via video conference, these intensives are the most powerful and life-altering work I do - and I only do it within the container of this mentorship. Rocket fuel for your soul and big purpose.  

  • Five hour-long channeled sessions - intuitive guidance, energetic healing, and a big dose of love - tailored precisely to you and your journey. 

  • Unlimited support via email - divine guidance on any question and epic healing. I'll be right there at your side whenever you need me - to boot the brain gremlins, to channel on questions big and small, to send unconditional love and deep cellular healing.


* Except for that time you had a baby or got that promotion or represented your country in the Olympics or invented solar power. But, hey, learning to navigate your inner world and tap your hidden reserves of power, creativity, intuition, and love is pretty cool too. 






investment for our three months together: 


or $1111 a month

Yes, please! so HOW DOes this work?

  • Apply via the yellow button - don't worry about your answers, just have fun exploring your own desires and help me get to know you and what you're looking for. 
  • I'll contact you within 2 business days (often much sooner) to let you know if we feel like a strong fit. 
  • If you still have questions before committing, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. 
  • When you're ready to dive in, you'll make your payment to reserve your spot - either in full or the first payment of the three month plan. 
  • We'll set up the schedule for our sessions together - our intensive day with the follow-up sessions at two week intervals after that.
  • All sessions are conducted online, in a private Zoom room. All hour-long sessions will be recorded for you. (The intensive day is a bit too unwieldy to record, so bring a notebook if you'd like to take notes.) 

"Working with Amber was one of the best things I've done in a long, long time. Such a wonderful experience. Make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands." - LIV WHITE


Have questions? Feel super called to this but fear is jumping on your spleen? shoot me a note here.

If you'd like to sample my work first, try out my free videos or schedule a one-on-one session with me

xo Amber



Amber is an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.