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Hi, I'm Amber! 

Helping magical humans harness their intuitive superpowers is my joy. Reflecting back the genius of writers and creatives and highly sensitive people is my jam. You have such a bright light to share and your work is so deeply needed in this world. 

Channeler for the Order of Magdalena. Seventh dimensional energetic healer. Empath. Bridge between the angelic and elemental realms. Human who really enjoys cursing. Cosmic cowgirl. Super excited about giraffes. 

Also, I talk to Jesus. Like, regularly

I live in a fairy cottage in an idyllic hamlet just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Dancing, coffee, and wandering through the woods makes me happy. So does making big pots of soup on cloudy days, sticking my feet in the sea, my sassy stuffed therapy otter Sally, and reading romance novels.


What Is It With that Woman and the Giraffes?

I'm so happy you asked! 

Giraffes first started clopping into my life a few years ago and now they’re everywhere. Mostly because they fill me with untethered joy, but also because they represent far-seeing yet grounded wisdom - head in the sky, feet firmly planted on the ground. They're all about grounding the magical ether into the physical world and so am I.

Plus, giraffes are badass. Have you ever seen giraffes fight on youtube? They will own you. Giraffes help us embrace both our inner child and our take-no-bullshit boundaries. 


some favorites: 

We all live through big things, small things, wretched things, wonderful things - and it makes me so happy to write about mine. Some of my favorite stories are here

My adventures live here. Because sharing our joys and sorrows is more important than ever - and blogging has been my path through the thickets and into my joy for over a decade, ever since my Moose in the Kitchen blog of yore. 

I wrote a book about a village of curious creatures who learn to love themselves just as they are, and it's one of my favorite things. If you like tea-drinking, cravat-wearing raccoons - and who doesn't? - you can read the first story here.

I'm currently writing a fantasy romance. There are dragons. 

YOu're magic.

We're all here to wake up to our higher selves, our superpowers, and our bright potential - both as individuals and as a collective. You're already an embodiment of the ultimate source of love, wisdom, and creative genius. You just might need a little nudge to remember. 

You and your gifts are so deeply needed.

Let's ignite your joy and your magic so you can discover just how powerful you are. 

Thanks for joining me. I'm so glad you're here.


I made you something! 

It's called 6 Ways to Feel Better (Right the F@*% Now), and it's a collection of my favorite tools for feeling the feelings so you can proceed with being awesome. Sign up here and the magic internet giraffes will deliver it straight to your inbox.