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Hi, I'm Amber!

Unicorn herder. Stuffed therapy otter advocate. Giraffe enthusiast. Deeply devoted to humans and their magic.


I love coffee, blogging like it’s 2005*, watching Netflix excessively, and searching redwood groves for tree sprites.

*Originally Moose in the Kitchen, then Panda Amber, then Free Giraffe. Now I'm just me. (But there are still plenty of animals. Mostly because they refuse to leave.)

Writer, channeler, and distance healer. I talk to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc with my Activate crew, and reluctantly wrangle a council of sacred animals - think dragons, bossy unicorns, and one feisty-ass phoenix

I deeply believe in humanity’s bright potential and won’t be swayed, no matter how many times per day I accidentally click on Facebook. If you're a fellow empath, fringe dweller, love instigator, or cosmic gallivanter - you're in the right place. Welcome.

We’re magic. Let’s start acting like it.