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Helping magical humans harness their sensitivity and learn the language of their emotions is my joy and my jam. Feeling the feelings is how we activate our brilliance. 

I'm a gifted channeler, powerful intuitive healer, empath, and eighth generation sensitive. I'm also a writer, dancer, and totally obsessed with giraffes. Dramatically gung-ho about guiding sensitive humans toward their most deeply longed-for life and big, bold work in the world. Reflecting back the genius of writers, healers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs so they can see it for themselves. 

Because you have such a bright light to share and your work is so deeply needed. 

Sometimes I start writing and something bigger and wiser takes over.

Borrows my fingers to share something we need to hear. Even when I don't understand it. Especially when I don't understand it. Like that time someone asked me a question about her current direction and all that came to me was the word "chicken." AND THAT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE TO HER BECAUSE SHE HAD BEEN TRYING TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO RAISE CHICKENS. It was the best, forever, the end.

Grounding the magical ether into the physical world is my jam. Hooking in with the divine and translating it for other powerful souls is my joy. I feel so honored to be doing this work.

We are all bigger and brighter than we know. Having all the feelings isn't a sign of weakness, it's both how we guide our life toward what we most desire and where our true genius is born.

As a word-weaving channeler, I write about grief and I write about joy - and, in doing so, I've learned that they're deeply intertwined. Grief will hollow you out and hone you down to your essence. Every time I find myself in that crucible of loss, I emerge lighter. Which makes it 100% harder to dread life.

My sarcastic East Coast-educated self occasionally wrestles with all the crystals and sage and oracle cards that have found their way into my home, but witches need their tools. That’s just good, common sense. When you decide to truly step in, doubts quiet and purpose arrives. You feel your own power and light expand, and that's just good fun - especially if you can light some things on fire. Ceremonially, of course. Cough. 

My Story

I was raised in the church of hippie and almost named Sunshine. Our dog was named Freedom. Vacations were spent in yurts and dessert was tofu pudding and, yes, tofu pudding is every bit as terrible as it sounds. 

I grew up in the suburbs of San Jose, went to college in the concrete wilds of Manhattan, spent six months in London and a summer in Florence before moving to San Francisco, where I spent eleven years before fleeing to the warmth of LA. After a stint as a nomad - a month in Costa Rica, a month in Amsterdam and a month in New York - I landed in back in California just in time to watch my father die. It was an amazing and terrible year, one that prompted intense growth, growth that shifted the ground beneath me.

I’ve lived through death, heart-wrenching breakups, a miscarriage, and that time my mom ended up with a severe concussion from slamming her head into the kitchen floor when she fell while racing to answer my phone call.

We all live through things - big things, wretched things, wonderful things - and it makes me so happy to write about mine. And to learn how similar my experience is to yours, in heart and essence if not always in details.  

After ricocheting through life like an overly-sensitive pinball in a loud arcade, I've finally learned how to tap into the peace that’s available to us all.

Not that I’m some marble sphinx of enlightenment, who can perch in cross-legged meditation for hours on end. Not even close. But now I catch myself faster when I fall. I understand the cycle of grief. I have more faith in myself to navigate this ever-shifting life landscape. I have a deeper appreciation for the beauty and power within us all, every last person born onto this spinning blue orb. 

As of today, I live in a fairy cottage in an idyllic hamlet just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Butterflies float lightly through my garden, deer wander past the deck hunting for snacks, and - when the wind is just right - you can hear goats nattering on the hill.

What happens from here is still being written. But no matter what, my most significant accomplishment will remain learning how to feel what's inside me so that, instead of impersonating a festering lizard curled inside my rib cage, emotion gives me wings. Learning how to feel, fully and with my whole self, taught me that even if I'm not sure where those wings are located or how they operate, I can learn on the way down - and catch the wind before I fall.

My aim is to help you feel better, live in love, and hear your own wise voice so you don't have to listen to the noise. 

Things That Make Me Happy

Late-night solo dance parties. Tramping through woods and over mountains. Writing stories about animals. Peeling away layers. A-ha momentsGreeting every dog I pass. Drinking more tea than the average British village. Typing frantically. Everything about beaches except the sandy feet because I’m a little neurotic about sandy feet. Making things. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts. My (stuffed) pet sea otter Sally. Crawling into a warm bed at the end of a good day. The smell of freshly-ground coffee beans. Helping people feel better. Realizing that the right person can make any situation fun. Realizing the right person can be - and always is - me. Remembering that the world has magic and I can have as much magic as I want. Connecting - to myself, to others, to the world. Remembering that the best thing I can do with my life is feel - and love.

Thanks for joining me. I'm so glad you're here.

Want More? 

I made you something! It's called 6 Ways to Feel Better (Right the F@*% Now), and it's a collection of my favorite tools for feeling the feelings so you can proceed with being awesome. Sign up here and the magic internet llamas will deliver it straight to your inbox.