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You're ready to activate your magic. Your power. Your creative genius. Your joy.

You’re devoted to your higher self and your biggest vision for your life, including abundance, love, joy, and sharing your genius with the world. 

You're being called to something big. You know it, you feel it. Now it's time to live it. But sometimes you need a boost to step into the power you know you have. As a gifted channeler, powerful energetic healer, bridge to magic, and loving guide who’s with you on this journey - I can help.

Harness your immense potential with sacred medicine from ascended masters and magical animals - channeled just for you. Because this is the time we've been waiting for, and you're ready to saddle up. 



"I love Amber - she has a true gift. If you're called to step into something big, consider this. Amber has been supporting me, and I can't tell you the difference it has already made in my life. It's exactly what I needed and worth so much to me. Her work is one of the most useful things I've encountered, and I want it in my life all the time. She's such a clear channel.


TINDER FOR YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS, COMFORT FOR YOUR SENSITIVE SOUL. divine connection to help you activate your magic and your vision.


Activate is a sacred seven-month container for women craving channeled wisdom and sisterhood as they step into their magic. 

over seven months we Mentor with the magdalena high seven - Ascended masters and archangels devoted to humanity's ascension as well as the Magical animals of Galilee - a joyful cohort of powerhouse energies. 

this council has stepped forward at this pivotal time in history to help you activate your power, genius, and life - because your deeply loving vision helps us all ascend. 

Guided by their love and divine wisdom, our energy and power expands exponentially. Magnify your brilliance - like a hallway of mirrors reflecting a blazing bonfire - by connecting energetically with me, your sisters, and our powerful guides in a sacred space of magic. For creatures like us, this work is the heart of change. Sometimes we aren't allowed to move forward into our biggest creations and desires until we've done the deep dive our soul requires of us. We're ready to dive with you, and help hold you on your journey.


how the magdalena high seven and the Magical animals of galilee want to help: 


December: Jesus and the Otters

You are ready to stand in your true light. You are ready to receive what you’ve been so busy creating in the ether - for years, decades, lives, millennia. You are ready to know your brilliance, your warmth, the true joy of your soul. You are a flame in the dark, a rainbow through the fog, and a heart that blazes love through the world. It’s time to step up and own it. Jesus helps you see yourself as you truly are and the otters help you connect with joy.

January: Archangel Michael and the Phoenix

It’s time to burn away the old year, the old life. For you are in a new skin, a new energy, and are ready for a new reality. As you love yourself as the angels do, like the phoenix does, you set yourself up for something far beyond your previous scope. Archangel Michael is here to guide you back to profound self-love with the Magnificent Fire Chicken (Phoenix ™) burning away all that does not serve you any longer. New worlds await.

February: Brigid and the Peacock

Where have you been hiding, my love? Celtic goddesses and fancy birds won’t let you get away with it for much longer. They’re here to urge, nudge, and propel you forward into the gleaming light of your own higher self, to help you turn that winding rocky path into the widest boulevard. Because your light wants to be seen, needs to be seen, deserves to be seen - and the world is looking for you, waiting for you to take your place. For it’s a spot that no one else can fill.

March: Archangel Ariel and the Lions

Where Ariel and the lions walk, abundance and your true tribe is found. If you’re ready to expand and thrive, in both abundance and love, follow Ariel and the lions: they’ll point you in the right direction. If you’re not ready to expand and thrive, the lions will sit with you and support you until you are and Ariel will wait to meet you, holding the understanding that everything happens in the perfect time and you are never late.

April: Mary Magdalene and the Unicorns

We’re here to send light to your intuition and radiance to your heart. You have both of those in abundance, simply by being who you are, but we’re helping you now to remember it, to dance with it, to lead with it. As layers of life and conditioning and social patterning lift away, your true self emerges and, with your true self, the life you are here to experience, to enjoy, to love. The unicorns are, even now, beaming light into your third eye to activate your intuition and your superpowers, while Mary Magdalene is beaming love into your heart so that you may awaken anew to the pure love you are, the pure wisdom you embody. And so it is.

May: Joan of Arc and the Dragons

Joan and the dragons blaze into your life to help you create as the divine creates, for you are divine. Joan knows bravery and the dragons know pure creation and they are here now to help you master both. For it requires bravery to create what it is you most want, what it is you see in your heart, and know is possible - for yourself, for your life, and for the world. As you step bravely in, immense new opportunities unfold.

June: Mother Mary and the giraffes

Mother Mary and the giraffes are here to help you love yourself fiercely - the you that is, the you that was, and the you that will be. Your past, present, and future align in perfect harmony with their help, as the wounds of your childhood ease and the confidence of your higher self fills any cracks. As you step into the pure joy of your inner child, you are seen and heard and known in the world, the way Mother Mary is, the way the giraffes are. For they know how to be seen, how to be loved, and how to serve with grace, a light step, and an easy heart. So too shall you.

"We are here to help you activate your magic and show you the pure joy that can be found in this life." 

Want a taste?

sweet. So, how will this affect me?

Wisdom and powerful energetic healing channeled from ascended masters and magical animals will help activate you - physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. We'll connect with the divine to help you access your purest source of genius, love, wisdom, abundance. You'll connect with your higher self to activate your life and work and begin to see what's truly possible now. 

It's a place of communion, of ceremony, of activating the knowledge that has been in your keeping for millennia and is now awakening in you for this lifetime. This knowledge will fuel the massive shifts that have already begun and will continue over the next seven months. 

Connecting regularly with divine love and inspiration is how you begin your new novel, your new relationship, your new business, your new masterpiece. Your new understanding of your deepest self. It's how you connect with your muse, with your feelings, with the path you chose before you landed on this planet. It's how you begin to understand that those external circumstances do not begin to touch the power and light and worth of you. So no matter what's happening in your external world, you feel connected and at peace - something we all need in this time of massive growth. 


"The words Amber said, calmly and rationally and insistently - were exactly what I needed to hear. So much so that I spent the next two days in bed, almost exhausted for feeling so seen. So recognized. It was like I could finally exhale after carrying around such worry with me. I needed time to process what she said, and then, coming out the other side, I felt reborn and re-energized. As a writer you'd think I'd have better words to explain but I can't: She's magic."

LAURA Jane Williams

WHO is this FOR? 

healers and channels, writers and artists, Priestesses and poets, elementals and empaths, fairies and sensitive souls, light workers and warrior angels, creatives and superheroes.

This work is deep and powerful - and not for everyone. But if you're ready to devote yourself to the daily practice of connecting with your higher self and guidance, you'll flourish in this container. If you crave sisterhood, if you want to feel your power spark to life within you, this sacred space is for you. 

We Gather regularly via video-conference for healing, activation, ceremony, and Massive Spirit-support for your life, creations, and soul’s journey. 

each month, you'll receive: 

two channeled Group sessions: 

Each session is an hour - sometimes longer, if needed. Channeled wisdom and energetic healing are downloaded just for you and your sisters to give you precisely what you need to take the next step on your journey. Wise guidance from the extraordinary guides for each month, with powerful healing working beneath the surface to unravel any energetic knots beneath your fears and challenges, so you can move forward with joy and purpose. 

In each session, there's plenty time for a question from each member of the group about anything in your life (work challenges, relationships, health, creative projects, your path, etc) that needs channeled guidance and healing. If you can't make a session live, you can send your question in advance. 

This work is just as powerful in replay as it is live. Because the healing is done outside of time and space, you can also revisit sessions in later months - or years - and receive new healing based on where you are in the future. Cool, right? 

"From the beginning of the call I was blown away ... like we were all together on the brink of something magical." - MariaN schembari 


a monthly distance healing set up just for you:

Distance energy healing is sent through space and time, downloaded from the guides just for you, meant to be precisely what you need in that moment. You may receive emotional clearing, energetic activation, chakra balancing, or ascended master healing. These healings have cured migraines, prompted profound rest and grounding, soothed churning brain gremlins, and eased physical tension. It's a download of love and light that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated - and may just open up something beautiful and unexpected in your life. You'll be able to choose the day and time that best suits you, so you can be resting during and after the healing.

"This is magic." - Tori Amoscato

"I felt waves of energy through my body. I feel like my cells are all rearranging and are now orienting to my body in this new way." - Kate marolt 

+ a Sacred online temple (AKA Facebook group, 'cause modern life):

Massive online support any time you need it from a crew of loving and devoted sisters - this is one of the best parts. Share your heart, challenges, and triumphs to receive digital support and fist bumps. A big dose of love you can plug into any time. 

If this lifts your heart or nudges your soul, I would love to have you join us:


"Amber's intuitive gift is truly that - a gift. As a writer, I found myself stuck for several months - trying to wade through the common swamps of uncertainty, anxiety, and "what will they think of me"? I found myself breathing enormous sighs of relief as Amber channeled through questions based on my writing issues. She got it - and she provided me with the clarity and guidance that I had been seeking (perhaps for my entire writing career). I furiously scribbled pages of notes as she spoke to me - notes that I've continued to refer back to in the days after, when I find myself falling back into familiar patterns of doubt. Amber's work is a life raft and a lighthouse for writers, for humans. I'm so grateful for the path she's shown me." 

Jenna Arak

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  • Your big work in the world takes shape and blossoms

  • Deeper connection with your higher self

  • Sudden uptick in channeling ability and intuitive super powers

  • Increased peace, joy, and prosperity

  • Inner healing that ripples into exciting outer change

  • You sleep really well the nights of our sessions and healings

  • Magnified power and light

  • Deep sense of self-love that overflows into the rest of your life

  • Ground firmly into your true self

  • Major artistic flow

  • Clear guidance through challenges

  • Acceleration of your timeline

  • Fresh drive and clarity around your big purpose on the planet


"Amber is beyond wise and has a special connection with exactly what we need to hear as creatives in this world. My work can fit into two buckets: Before Amber and After Amber." 

 MARIAn schembari 

Investment for our seven Months Together is $1,400

(a $200 Monthly Payment plan is also available)

Massive shifts and changes can happen over the course of seven months. But such shifts require consistent connection with your higher self and your intention - which is where it becomes easy to falter. Sometimes connection to the divine feels deeply elusive. Sometimes you forget you even have it. Because life happens. Work gets in the way. Our brains lead us on a merry dance to distraction. Our human experience swoops in with challenges. When we most need to unlock the door to guidance is when we're most likely to lose our keys. 

As a powerful healer and clear channel, I act as the gateway for this divine wisdom and healing - but we're co-creating this space together. If you feel deeply called, you are already a beloved sister and intrinsic part of this intimate cohort. 


"I’ve been working with gifted channeler and intuitive healer, Amber Adrian for the past six months as part of a transition process to focus on creativity as a way of life. Amber’s Activate program is about switching on your wisdom, power and light more, especially (for me) around creativity.

It’s all about connecting with our higher selves, integrating what needs to be integrated and showing up with what we learn and experience. It’s powerful and healing work, hard to describe, but my role it seems is to put my experiences into words.

In a session recently, guides stepped through for each of us with a message. For me, the guide was a woman with red hair, goddess-like. She was there to help me connect with my heart. With gold from her palm, she filled in any wounds with gold, so it was like my heart was made new again. She released shadows and energies, removed cords from my heart and filled the holes left by my heart wounds. And she gave me a special message: Your heart is ready, put it on the page."

Terri Connellan


  • Enrollment closes on November 30. We begin on December 3.

  • The group is intimate - no more than eleven women.

  • Sessions are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. You'll be able to ask questions in advance and will receive a recording in case you can't make it - the work is just as powerful in replay as it is live. (December may be a bit different, given the holidays.)

  • Distance healings are set up in advance to be received the day and time of your choice (within the specific timeframe they're offered). Best received in a space of deep relaxation, many women like to schedule them before bed time so they can enjoy the healing and then drift off to sleep to fully integrate what's been received.

  • Disclaimer: I'm an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.

Me July 2017.jpg

HI, I'm Amber

Helping magical women harness their sensitivity and learn the language of the divine is my joy and my jam. I'm a gifted channeler, seventh dimensional energetic healer, and eighth generation empath. As the human emissary for the Magdalena High Seven and the Magical Animals of Galilee, I'm deeply honored to be working with them - and with you. As we bring their magic forward, our lives and the world shifts massively toward love. Dramatically gung-ho about connecting you with the divine, the information and healing I channel reflects your genius back to you, so you can blast toward your most deeply longed-for life and big purpose. Because you have such a bright light and your joy is so deeply needed, now more than ever.


Watch a past session of Activate