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Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS for our Activate sisterhood

  • Enter and inhabit our sacred space without judgement - for yourself or your sisters in the cohort. While judgement is a part of human nature, own your story and do not openly judge anyone (including yourself, lovely!) in our space.

  • If you feel yourself getting triggered by anything shared, take it as opportunity to look within yourself. Notice the trigger and feel into it before responding - there is likely a beautiful piece of wisdom within to guide you on your journey. This could be an opportunity for expansion. If not, please be compassionate and sensitive with the person who inspired the trigger - they may well be acting from their own triggers.

  • Please share as much as you’d like in our online classroom. However, Amber can’t guarantee personal and in-depth responses to every post. She’s honored to be holding and creating space for our container, but she only has two days allotted for checking in on classroom progress. If you have a lengthy written or video share on which you’d like her personal and in-depth feedback, you are highly encouraged to set up a one-on-one session with her.

  • Keep content within the group private. Do not share anything from the group publicly without consent.

  • Please ask before offering advice. We offer out of love and care, but if a woman is sharing vulnerably and she didn’t ask for advice, it may hit her in a very tender spot. Be sensitive to your sisters and be sure to ask permission before offering advice. If advice is requested, go for it!

  • Keep your posts centered around sisterhood, divine guidance and intuition, the divine feminine, and supporting and loving one another and requesting support and love. Our ultimate aim is to cultivate a safe and sacred space for our cohort, so check in with yourself before posting to make sure it feels highly relevant to what our sisterhood is about. This is not a place for venting, speaking cruelly, or aggressive energy. It’s a space for speaking from our hearts, sharing challenges and wins, and love each other and ourselves. And sharing fun and beautiful things that relate to our space.

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