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How to Care For Yourself in Energetically Sensitive Times

Amber Adrian

Don't beat yourself up for anything you might be feeling. You are always, always allowed to have your feelings. You are responsible for feeling them, processing them, managing them, and not thrusting them on others (something I have historically been bad at, but am learning, oh how I am learning). But you are always allowed your feelings. Your feelings are never wrong, no matter what the world might say. 

Remember, you aren't just feeling for yourself, you are absorbing the energy of the world. Give yourself plenty of time to recover, whether by sleeping, reading something that soothes you, or tramping through nature. 

Shield yourself. Call in the pure white light of source love to protect you and sweep away anything you no longer need. Imagine diving into a pool of gold and feeling that gold cover your body. Calling in light and divine help is very powerful work and will go far to helping you feel better in whatever space you find yourself. 

You don't have to pay attention to the news or social media if it drains you and makes you miserable. Consider this your permission slip. 

Watch your sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Hangry is not a thing you want to be in big energetic times. 

Move your body. Whether you do ten minutes of yoga or ten fast miles, flexing your muscles keeps the energy and emotion cycling through you so that it doesn't get stuck anywhere and drag you down. 

Tune in daily. Hook into god, spirit, source, the universe, the flying spaghetti monster - however you identify with that creative power and ultimate love. Do this every day for at least a few minutes, and everything will feel better - almost instantaneously.

(If you want some help with this, I tune in to the divine channel weekly with the lovely powerhouses in Activate - it's a deeply nourishing and empowering space. We'd love it if you joined us.) 

Crucibles make you stronger, because they burn away what you don't need to be carrying..png

As a collective, we are in a huge process of shedding what we don't want to carry forward into a new world - one where everyone is seen, everyone is heard, everyone is taken care of, and everyone feels their own light and their own power.  

Yes, we have a long way to go. Yes, it may feel impossible at times. When it feels impossible, retreat into your self-care. And then emerge renewed and ready to take the steps that your specific talents, intuition, and light guide you toward. Your job in this new energy and coming new world may look different than what others feel called to do. Trust your own guidance, trust your own feelings, and trust your own heart. You will be guided toward where you can best help. 

Crucibles only make you stronger, because they burn away what you don't need to be carrying.