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How to Write When None of the Usual Writing Tips Work

Amber Adrian

It's oh-so-easy to go all masculine on your writing. To push and strain and insist that if you just find the right productivity system, you'll be successful. 

But to write the stories we want to write, the stories that will have the most profound effect on the people you're here to reach with your words, you need to come from a deeper place than discipline and drive will take you.

Approach your writing with gentle curiosity, rather than a need for readers or a published book or anything external to the process. 

Your writing is for you first. Always. Because if you aren't writing from the place that triggers you, that makes you feel, makes you cry - you can't make others feel, cry, or trigger what needs to be healed next. 

If you're resisting your writing, ask what inside of you needs to be healed before words will pour out? If you haven't given your words the opportunity to fill the page, simply wonder why. 

The why is not because you're undisciplined, you don't care, you're not a real writer. That's just the wheels of your ego taking you out for a spin because it knows that will distract you from your real work. 

Your real work is gently noticing what's asking for your attention now. Is it your life? Is it your body? Is it your emotion? 

Does your life need your attention, knowing that giving yourself space to tend to it will give you more to write about in the future?

Does your body need to be cared for? Do you need more rest? Do you need to sweat and return to that space where your brain shuts off and you sink into your physical form? 

Is there some feeling that's calling for release, asking to be seen and felt before it's time for you to write? 

Whatever it is, allow caring for yourself - your body, your emotions, your life - to be as much a part of your writing process as actually crafting the words. Taking care of the writer is every bit as important as taking care of the words. 

When you've healed or tended to whatever is asking for your attention, create space for your writing in your energetic field. Not blocking out time in your calendar and chaining yourself to your desk at the appointed time. Nope. Instead, feel into the energy of your life and your body and your spirit - and invite your writing in. Close your eyes and see what form your writing takes behind your eyelids - is it an essay, a blog post, a book, a project you're excited to return to? Sit with the feeling of what's forming for you. Then sit down to your writing and see what comes. 

If you're really feeling this and want to explore further, join the 5 Day Mini Mission to write from your deepest, truest place. It starts on Monday, March 14, and you can sign up right here