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Intuitive Work and Its Real Ass Effects on Your Real Ass Life

Amber Adrian

Translating energetic concepts into human language stumps me sometimes - which, as a writer, I'm hugely embarrassed to admit. 

So I'm sitting here vacillating wildly between sharing my story about having angelic visions while walking down the street and telling you about the real ass effects of intuitive work on your real ass life. Because angelic visions are great but they don't write your book or pay your rent or find you a husband, am I right? 

(Actually, I think they do, but it's not as immediate as one might assume divine intervention to be. Stupid divine timing.) 

So: talk about my wild visions of Jesus saying "Hi, I want to support you and SINCE I'M JESUS I've got some serious chops at that sort of thing" or tell you how this work can actually help you.

Maybe I can do both. I’m learning that I’m a bridge - a bridge between the elemental and angelic worlds, a bridge between humans and their magic. Because you are a magic human. I know I’ve been harping on this, but I really believe it and I won’t shut up until you believe it too. (You’re welcome!)

Speaking of bridges, look at this picture. What do you notice? Besides the fact that I am not smiling and, while the light in my house is epic, my selfie game is questionable. 

If you said, "whoa, what's up with those eyes?" congratulations. In every recent picture of myself, one eye is present while the other eye seems to be gazing into another world. Like I'm the human Golden Gate. 

So maybe I can start acting like the bridge I am and talk about Jesus ("Do you have a few minutes to talk about Jesus?" I mean, I do hear myself when I’m saying these things) and how channeled guidance and energetic healing can make an epic difference in your real-ass life.

About That Jesus Thing

I was walking through my neighborhood a few weeks ago, minding my own business, when six guides showed up out of nowhere. I’m used to visions at this point (#intuitivelifeyo), so I went with it. But when I asked who they were and why they were here, I tripped and slammed to a halt on the sidewalk for a solid minute.

Six shadowy visions stepped forward and introduced themselves: Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Archangel Azrael, and Archangel Raphael. Here to guide, teach, and heal us through the next six months of Activate.

Yep, Jesus. Like Jesus Christ Jesus. Christmas Jesus. As a total yuletide fan-girl, this is the one I had to check and double check. "Like, really? I'm really supposed to be channeling Jesus?"

Yes, even ascended masters will roll their eyes at you if you pester them too much.

All of these guides belongs to the Order of Magdalena, an order of ascended masters (and archangels and unicorns apparently) (for real) who are devoted to the alleviation of all suffering. Apparently, Joan of Arc and Mother Theresa were also part of this order, so it’s not a bad membership card to have in your pocket.

I was also told by a beautiful channeler - because channelers gots to work with other channelers - that this container is divinely ordained, and my soul’s work here on earth. I’ve always known that my job is to bring more love to the planet and that I need to step way the fuck up. So here we are.

By the way, when someone tells you, “Oh, hi, this container has been divinely ordained. Go talk to Jesus and tell everyone what he says,” you start to feel like you lied on your resume and got handed a much bigger office than you were prepared for. 

Since Jesus is rolling his eyes at me again - he really is delightfully human - I will share that I also know this is absolutely not true, because this is what I’ve been training for. Healing myself, unraveling ancestral patterns and past life experiences, spending years clearing the channel and learning to trust my guidance and being so present with this journey even when I would have rather just gotten a job and a husband and had a few kids and a nice house to put them in. (Every time I tried, the universe literally wouldn't let me. Go figure.)

My commitment to humanity is like a raging forest fire, and that’s what this work requires. To push through all the fear, the changes, the work that felt hard / painful / not worth it / unrewarding / ego obliterating and just a general pain in my ass. Part of the time. The rest of the time - the time that I’m in the work and not letting my brain tell me about the work, it’s bliss and pure love and joy and oh-thank-you-goddess-this-is-why-I’m-here.

I'm so beyond thrilled (slash-terrified) to be channeling this kind of guidance for the beautiful and intimate sisterhood that's now forming in Activate. I honestly don't fully know what our six months together will bring, but I know it will be HUGE. For each of us personally and for what we'll begin seeding in the world through this work.

If you’re feeling called to this order o' ascended masters and unicorns and Jesus, if you’re a “I have a huge effing purpose here and I’m dying to express that” brand of magical human, this six month sisterhood may just be for you. 

Or if you're not sure about angelic guides but you still feel intrigued, here are some handy...

Real Ass Effects on Your Real Ass Life

Any one or combination of these things can happen when you begin steeping in the universal love of source (either with us in Activate or in some other way): 

  • Your big work in the world takes shape and your creative projects blossom

  • Deeper connection with your higher self

  • Sudden uptick in channeling and psychic ability and other latent super powers

  • Increased peace, joy, and prosperity

  • Inner healing that ripples into exciting outer change

  • You sleep really well after doing this healing stuff

  • Magnified power and boundaries in your own life 

  • Deep sense of self-love that overflows into the rest of your life

  • Ground firmly into your true self

  • Major artistic flow

  • Your light glows like a fucking beacon

  • Clear guidance through challenges 

  • You get better looking (yup, really)

  • A more intimate relationship with the divine

  • A more intimate relationship with yourself - and knowing what's yours and what's someone else's that you don't need to be toting around with you

  • A more intimate relationship with your partner (hell, finding your partner)

  • Acceleration of your timeline

If you want tinder for your creative genius, comfort for your sensitive soul, spirit medicine for modern life, divine connection that swirls you toward your greatest potential, and, ya know, JESUS, consider joining us. (I 100% never in my life imagined I'd be talking about Jesus so much.) 

(Doors close on Thursday, at which point I will be shutting up about this. I've just vowed to give it my all until then, because that's what you and this work deserves.) 

Did you read this whole post? If you're still here, I feel like you deserve a reward. Comment and say "I FINISHED, YOU WORDMONGER," I will send you something. Maybe a picture of a giraffe or a quickie channeled reading or a big digital hug.