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Living in Joy

Amber Adrian

Energy shifts when you lean into what brings you joy.

It's not about being happy all the time, for that is not possible. Yes, you must heal the places where you feel triggered - and you may do this by breathing into those spaces and asking for them to be released and deleted and healed. This request is deeply powerful. You have all the resources, all the help, all the wisdom you could ever desire, but you must ask for it. Your free will means that it can’t be given to you without that asking.

Healing begins with this release, but it is completed when you lean into what brings you joy, what lights you up, what excites you.

What feels stuck and unwieldy will transform in an instant when you look around your world for what makes you feel happy. A cup of tea, a dog licking your knee, an afternoon of walking on the beach. 

Because you will never have all that you desire, and that wouldn't make you happy anyway. We are always expanding and there are always new desires to be felt.

But when you sit in those moments of happiness and feel them pulse through your body, you align yourself with the frequency of joy. When you are in the frequency of joy, you can't help but magnetize more joy to you. For this is a space that does not resonate with fear or worry. Yes, fear or worry will return, for we are all in a human body and this is part of the wholeness of our experience, but you will remember the possibility of that joy. Each time you return to joy, each time you allow yourself to notice what in your world makes you feel happy, it will become easier to live in and from that space. 

When you live in that space of joy, all things are possible - and more of what you desire becomes probable than you could have dreamt from where you were.