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Nothing You Want Is Out of Reach

Amber Adrian


Nothing you want is out of reach.  Your brain has trained you to stay safe and staying safe often requires sticking to what you now know - which is not how to get what’s new. What you want is by definition something you don’t have and what you don’t have is simply something your brain has told you not to reach for.

Reach for what you want. When the fear arises, simply acknowledge it and release it into the ground. Doing this over and over will train you to become so much more than you currently are on this plane. You already are greatness and light and love and so much bigger than you could see or believe from where you are now. But we keep ourselves small out of a desire to feel safe.

True safety is found in expansion. True safety is found in calling up your desire, in meeting the fear that comes with it, in transforming that fear in the way you already know how to do.

If your brain kicks up an almighty fuss - “I don’t know how to transform fear” “fear is important” “fear keeps me safe” - here are some ways to transform that fear:

Move your body by running or dancing or doing any other movement that brings you back into your body in a way that you enjoy. Imagine the fear as a ball of energy in your torso and send it into the earth or out into the ether where it explodes in a shower of sparks. Breathe in and out, in and out, and see the fear for what it is … nothing. Fear is nothing. Fear wants you to do nothing, because it is nothing. Fear is simply a light wisp of energy that is easily burned out. You can easily take your fear and send it back into nothingness. When fear has returned to its source, you are free to see yourself as the powerful creator you are and you are free to reach for whatever it is that you want.

When the fear shows up again, because it will, because we all have many layers, simply repeat the process. Repeat the process until you meet the fear as a friend, because you know that when that wispy fear shows up, you are on the right track, you are doing what you are meant to be doing. If the fear truly does not feel right to you, feel into it, use your inner knowing, your intuition, your higher self and ask what that fear is trying to show you.

As you practice this, fear will release, your trust in your own wisdom will grow, and what you desire will become low-hanging fruit to be plucked. You simply have to choose to move with whatever shows up along the path of your desire.