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Permission to Scrap New Year Goals

Amber Adrian

This time of year makes me anxious. My social media feed is full of year-end retrospectives and new year's resolutions and intention-setting sessions, complete with crystals and hazy Christmas tree in the background. So many people are reflecting on what's come before and concocting what will come next that I start to think, "Oh god, maybe I should be doing that too. Maybe that's the reason they're successful. Maybe they set better goals than I do. Maybe they're more dedicated. Maybe ..."  Suddenly my brain gremlins are roasting marshmallows over the fire of my anxiety and cackling. 

Anxiety comes when we are looking into the past or into the future. When you're fully in the present, you aren't anxious. Because you're fully rooted in this moment and in yourself. Because you are only ever ... here. Right here, right now. 

We can't know what's next. We can plan and intend and dream, but we can't know. If planning and intending and dreaming lights you up and brings you joy - do it. Absolutely. 

But if trying to plan 2016 or set just the perfect intention makes you feel anxious and wiggly, consider this your permission slip to scrap the goal-setting session. 

Instead, ask your soul what it wants. Ask your intuition to guide you, each day, each hour. Ask your body what kind of care it needs. Ask your future what seeds you can gently poke into the dirt today. Ask what will usher more love into your life. 

Allow yourself to have questions instead of answers. 

Laying out what you want in the new year is limiting, by its very design. You don't know what will happen. You don't know what lies in store for you. You don't know how you will shift and change and what unforeseen doors those shifts might open for you. 

So instead of worrying about or planning what will happen in this coming year, nourish your body, soul, and emotions today. As you care for yourself on that deep level, clarity around what's next will come. Aligned actions to take you there will feel easy. Things will fall into place. 

Love and big light for your new year, 


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