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Stepping Into a New Paradigm

Amber Adrian

Change has been at the forefront in recent months - and you are now being asked to understand that all this change is for the better.

If your foundations are being shaken, it’s so a new foundation can be created. If you’re in the midst of whirling upheaval, it’s so you can be set back down in a new place, right where you belong. If love is shifting or leaving, it’s so you can find love that is more aligned with who you are now.

Such changes are best navigated by finding joy in the moment. By looking up at the sky and feeling your feet in the grass. By being fully present in your body and noticing how it feels and how you feel when you’re fully embodied.

Light is being downloaded into you now. If this doesn’t make sense to your rational mind, let it filter in through your heart center. As this light lifts your energy, what is old and wounded is being brought to the surface. This may feel challenging or even painful, but you’re simply processing what is no longer needed and what no longer serves you in this new paradigm.

For you are entering a new paradigm. You feel that, you’ve felt it for awhile. Now you simply need to trust that you are being guided, you are being held in deep love, and that you may treat yourself tenderly as you shift into the new.

(If you want to hear more about how to gently navigate the upheaval, I send out notes every Wednesday. Sign up here.)