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The Magic of Attention

Amber Adrian

Fear is simply another sensation. If you are actively in danger, your body will move you from the path of the rampaging tiger. If fear arises when you’re sitting comfortably and all your physical needs are being met, then it’s only a feeling.

Your fear just wants to be acknowledged, to be noticed, to be thanked, to be loved. It’s just trying to care for you, the best way it knows how. It’s just trying to be with you, to be seen by you, and to be felt.

So when the fear shows up, and you are fed and sheltered and safe, you can simply sit with the feeling. Put your attention to it. Not to wallow or drown in it, but to say, “I see you. I feel you. We can be here together now.”

It’s not about never feeling fear again, because fear is part of our job description as humans. It’s about transforming our relationship with fear. It’s about making friends with it and realizing that fear isn’t that scary. It’s just a pulsing sensation in our bodies that ebbs almost as soon as we notice it and focus our attention on it.

Focusing your attention on the fear does not magnify it, it doesn’t mean you’re lowering your vibration or halting your manifestations. Putting our attention on a feeling calls in our soul and our highest wisdom and allows that part of ourselves to heal and cleanse and release that fear. By focusing our attention, we are calling in our own infinite power and the infinite power of the universe to dissolve that fear, to transform it into light and love.

Attention is love. When you focus your love and attention on something, especially something which has frightened you in the past, it undergoes an alchemical alteration. Something you could even call magic.