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This Is What We've Been Training For

Amber Adrian

To all my healer, writer, light worker, artist, empath, warrior, and love-beaming friends: 

This is what we've been training for. This is where our practice becomes our life and our love refuses to take no for an answer. This is where we start to recognize our own power in the face of what feels like a behemoth. 

We are all being faced with our shadow right now. The shadow can be terrifying, and everything in me is sending you so much love for being willing to face yours. 

Because we take on the world's shadow by starting with our own. 

Here's what I know about dancing with the shadow: 

Feel what you feel. Rage if you need to rage, mourn if you need to mourn, grieve what needs grieving. Doing this clears you out, into a pure vessel through which a fierce devotion to love can flow. 

Now is when you take care of yourself as if you were a newborn baby. Monitor your sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise. Treat yourself with so much kindness, so much gentleness, so much affection. You are fighting a hard fight and you need this tenderness to keep you feeling whole. 

Reach out for help when it gets to be too much. Reach out to the friend who always makes you feel better, a wise relative, to whatever higher power you feel fill you up - god, source, angels, the flying spaghetti monster. 

Be deeply aware of when you need to retreat and when you need to step up. For sensitive people - and the world needs us so deeply now - retreat is even more important than ever, because that's how we gather our strength to step into our power. 

Do what you need to do to feel, to grieve, to mourn - and then do what you need to do to get back to work. Sharing your love, sharing your wisdom, sharing your light. 

We're going to need you. 

And you are so up for it. You have more power and love in you than you ever imagined. This is going to prove it to you. Let that love and true power guide you in whatever your next steps are, today as you care for yourself and tomorrow as you step out into the world.