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Welcome to the New (Digital) Me

Amber Adrian

Welcome to the new site! 

If you are even one-seven-hundredth as obsessed with the new branding (by the fantastic Flight Design Co) as I am, you're going to find yourself consumed by clicking and refreshing and gasping with delight. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

(Every time I would get an email with a new round of design, I would jump in my seat and clap my hands and send it to my friends and generally act like a three-year-old being introduced to birthday cake.) 

Over the past year, I've been stepping into myself fully - as a writer, an intuitive channeler, and a person who wants to help other writers. In order to step fully into each incarnation, it felt necessary to separate the three. Suddenly I had a personal blog, a channeled blog, and a website for writers and it felt like my head was going to explode. 

Having three websites felt like sitting at a four-way stop sign and having no idea who's supposed to go next. Fractured and discombobulated and wholly unnecessary. 

Really, this rebrand was an act of love. A big step toward owning every piece of myself and accepting who I really am. In order to move forward, I needed to embrace and adore all areas of my work and life. I needed to bring everything together and claim it. After my friend Shenee pointed out the need to swirl everything together, I began noticing where I was trying to hide pieces of myself and scatter my energies so that I didn't have to step into anything fully. 

To do the work I truly want to do, I needed to bring all aspects of myself home. 

Yes, a new website can become a metaphor for your entire life. 

So I'm pulling everything together.  My own stories, intuitive messages that come through me rather than from me, and blending the two in support of my fellow writers.  

Plus, turquoise giraffes. 

Because this is one more step on my journey to fully loving myself - my whole self - I want to take it one step further.


Over the next few days, I'm going to be writing love notes. Love notes that will wing their way to my favorite people, love notes that will be left for strangers in San Francisco and my idyllic hometown across the Golden Gate. . 

Ways To Participate, Because Who Doesn't Want More Love? 

  • Scatter love notes as you go about your daily life - and take pictures.
  • Spread the digital love on Twitter and Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #lovenotes (so I can see what you do!).
  • Teach a squirrel to deliver notes to people who need them. 
  • Sign up for my Love Notes to Creative Humans list (in the yellow box on the home page!) and get the #lovenotes kit - with sample love notes from some of my favorite writers, like Brian Andreas (who has a new book coming out, yay!), Alexandra Franzen, Nicole Antoinette, and Silvi Alcivar. Really, this is my treatise on love - how to feel it and how to share it. 
  • Write love notes to your favorite folks on the internet (#lovenotes for the win!) 
  • If you want your own love note from me, leave me a comment and I'll send you one. 

If you prefer to lurk, I totally hear you. But you're going to get smothered in love too. Can't escape. 

Love Letter To You, Dear Reader

If you’re here, it’s because we share something more than just being fellow humans on this spinning blue orb. Maybe you have more feelings than you sometimes know what to do with. Maybe you’re a writer or an artist or a creator who holds such a big vision that it feels like you don’t know how to hold it all. If you have all the feelings, if you feel like you’re more sensitive than this world knows what to do with, if you feel like your foundation is constantly shifting - you’re in the right place.

Together we can learn how to hold that big vision. Together we can learn how to be our own rock, our own security, our own foundation. Because from there we can soar like we guzzled rocket fuel garnished with mint.

I want to hold a space - for me, for you, for all of us - to create what we truly want in this world. I want us to find the sun around which our own personal solar system revolves. I want us to revolve around it, slowly, joyfully, in the full knowledge that everything happens in the right way and at the right time. I want us to release our gremlins, the little voices that stop us in our tracks, so that we can expand our true potential. Not to be bigger, better, faster but to realize that we are already whole and perfect. We are already so big that this world can barely hold us. We have nothing left to do but be. Be more of who we already are. Be that person that brings us joy. Because when we bring ourselves joy, we can’t help but spread that joy like a beacon for others.

Shift through the thoughts to find the heart. Sift through the layers to find the lightbulb of genius that has been shining - brightly, steadily, brilliantly - your entire life. I want us to soar, metaphorically and physically. I want us to fly.

Jump in with me. We'll grow wings.