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When Your Heart Feels Like It's Breaking

Amber Adrian

Your heart may feel broken, it may feel shattered - but it isn't. Your heart can feel as if it's breaking a thousand times and still be returned to you as good as new. You simply need to hand the pieces of your heart over to love. Hand them over to god, to spirit, to the universe, to your own higher self. Hand them over to what created you, in all your love and bright possibility. You created you. And so you will repair your heart so that it shines bigger and brighter than ever. You don't need to spend years patching the cracks or reassembling the scattered pieces. You simply need to hand it over and say, I trust that I will be healed. I trust that I will be loved. I trust that I will love again.

Your heart is bigger and stronger than you could ever imagine with the somewhat limited perspective to which we humans are subject. Your heart has more power and more love and more influence over creation than feels possible. Your heart can not be broken. It can be broken down for re-shaping. It can be upgraded. It can be given a new invitation to a bigger love, a love that is more aligned with who you are now.

But no heart ever truly breaks. And if yours feels broken now, allow yourself to feel the pain, to let it pour through and cleanse you. Meet that pain as a friend and know that as you feel it your heart is healing. As you feel that pain, your heart is being heard. As we are heard, we mend. As we are loved, we brighten. Your heart is the same.

Soon it will be capable of loving bigger and more brilliantly than ever. Trust that.