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You Are Light

Amber Adrian

When you are looking for something, look to yourself. When you are gazing out at something, know that it is a reflection of you. Even if what you seek or see isn't pleasing to you now, there is nothing to judge and there is nothing to fear. You are light. You are the light that created the universe. You are the light that created the heavens. You are the light that shines down from the sun and reflects from the moon. You are everything you seek and everything you desire.

If you don't feel this yet, or don't feel this now, know that moving toward what you love, toward what helps you feel better in this moment, toward what puts the world in a perspective that feels peaceful to you is how you understand and feel this truth.

As you uncover what has shadowed this light, as you uncork the stopper you've put upon yourself, you begin to see what you truly are - pure light, pure love, pure creation. Removing the layers that sit on top of that light is how you uncover the magic that is you. As you uncover your own light, you brighten the way for others so that they may do the same.

Yes, this is work. It takes bravery to learn your demons for what they truly are, it takes effort to confront what has been placed in front of you, it can take time to sift through what is needed for your own education into the wonder and miracle of you. But this will be the most valuable and rewarding work you ever do.

Soon, even sooner than you think, you will begin to see yourself as you truly are. Light and love and full of infinite possibility.