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You Are Your Own Band-Aid

Amber Adrian



Allow your will to heal you. Do not require others in your healing. They may help, for help can always be found, but do not need the help. You are fully capable of healing yourself - mind, body, and soul. If this feels uncomfortable, investigate that. Where have you given away your power? Where are you allowing others to dictate your world? What can you shift inside yourself to allow yourself to lean into whatever healing is now needed?

Ask yourself “What in me needs healing today?” Is it an old wound, an old belief system, a nagging pain, a crack that hasn’t been given attention? Simply acknowledge your pain, physical or emotional, and send light to it.

If the idea of sending light feels a bit vague, rub your hands together briskly. Feel that heat, that energy? That is your life force and your power. Take the energy and the heat created by your own two hands and apply it to whatever hurt needs attention. Breathe in that energy and that light and feel it infusing your body and your emotions and your spirit.

You have all the power you will ever need - including the power to heal whatever feels torn or broken or aches for acknowledgement.