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Your Book Already Exists

Amber Adrian

Your book already exists, you just have to transcribe it. 

Put another way, maybe writing a book doesn't have to be as hard as we think it does.

We're trained to work hard, to be disciplined, to muscle through, to believe that nothing comes easy. But I've found that the most beautiful things I've ever written, the ones that feel like they just poured through me from a much wiser place than my teeming brain, have been easy. Full of ease. 

To write in this way we must start from a very deep, vulnerable place and allow the words to soak into the page without the judgment our brain so often wants to offer up. We must feel through any emotion that comes up and allow ourselves to be an open vessel for whatever wants to come through. 

Writing can be one of the most enjoyable things we do in life, if we allow our heart to spill from our fingers and trust that whatever shows up is exactly right. 

If you want to dig into your own writing, you can schedule a free 30-minute call with me to dive deeper into your genius. Or you can watch a recent webcast I did for you lovely entrepreneurs and creatives who want to write a book.