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You’re ready.

(No, really, you are. Promise.)

Ready for the shift that's been brewing. Ready to step out of the collective consciousness of suffering and lack.

Ready to ascend, transform, feel safe and happy in your body, work, relationships, money, and life.

You’re ready to live from your soul. So am I. So is she. And so is that dude over there.

We're ready to do our work here in the biggest possible way. Mostly by playing. :)

We’re ready to elevate. (Finally.)

We're ready to elevate our experience - of love, abundance, creativity, and purpose.

We're ready to elevate into peace and freedom and joy. Intermittently as we move through the old energy and then consistently as we step into the new.

Everything you desire is possible.

Feeling better is how we shift into that possibility, that potential.

It’s a process. We’re walking the bridge between what we’ve been experiencing and what’s possible to experience in this life, in this amazing and miraculous era. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes we feel pummeled by thoughts and feelings, worries and fears.

Elevate offers deep and loving support through the process of elevation. Because it’s not about arriving at the destination, it’s about learning how to take the ride with awareness and love, navigating all the internal and external challenges and pitfalls from a place of centered peace. So we can throw our hands up on the roller coaster and be dazzled by our own joy and freedom as we sail through the bright blue sky.

My job here is to help people feel better, to shift into a better-feeling energy - whether those shifts are small and conscious or massive and quantum.

Elevate is a kind of spiritual home base, a collectively held container of love and vision - to help support you in your own spiritual practice and as you go out into the world to fulfill your purpose. Channeled support and healing and guidance as we begin to fully live the lives we want, abundantly and joyfully. Where we shift into the energy that helps us live our soul’s blueprint, our biggest desires, in wealth and work and play and relationships.  

We’re ready to step into peace and joy and love. As that energy filters through, our entire life and experience elevates into something new - into something bright and magical that we maybe we can't even imagine from where we are now.


Who is this for?

Elevate is for sensitive humans. For the empaths and sponges of the world, for the magical souls (like you!) who know they have a big purpose here, whether that purpose is a big stage or a quieter space of nurturing. For creative spirits with stories and art you long to share - or want to share in a bigger, more impactful way. For channelers and healers who want loving cosmic support as you go out to support others. For anyone on this human ride who’s looking for a space of peace and love and support.

Elevate is for anyone who’s playing in the space of spirit, anyone who wants to finally feel better, or dive into their big purpose and reason for being here - in a safe space of love and healing and transformation and returning to soul and self.

Because any experience can be shifted into something more peaceful, more loving, more joyful.

Any bank account can be full to bursting.

Any life can be wildly fulfilling.

Yes, including yours. Including mine.

Especially yours. Especially mine.

You weren't built for average. You weren't designed for normal.

If you, like me, have railed against that or felt discouraged or overwhelmed or like you can’t do it, that's okay. That’s perfect. It's all part of the process.

As we lean into the beauty and adventure and wildness and deep love of the not-so-average, really-not-normal, actually-quite-extraordinary, we stop being mad at our process.

Lean into your sensitivity, your big feelings, your not-normal. Notice the thoughts and emotion swirl without being sucked into it, and feel your energy build.

Harness that juice you have to create something epic. Harness that energy to live the life that sounds like the most fun.

You are divinity itself, you are creation itself, you are love itself.

As we all deepen into being rather than thinking; feeling rather than worrying; following soul rather than planning - our entire experience of life and the world begins to shift.

Your creativity begins to ignite.

Opportunities begin to drop in your lap.

Money begins to feel easier and flow in.

The trail you're blazing with your work and your life begins to unfold effortlessly.

This is the energy of elevation.

When you bask in divine energy regularly, that’s the energy from which you begin to create. So you start experiencing joy and ease and prosperity and peace in your day-to-day life. Creative fire and fun. Feeling guided by soul and intuition, rather than logic and what everyone else swears is reality.

If you want to deeply support yourself energetically and emotionally, or step into your biggest potential, or you feel drawn to anything I've said here... Elevate is a really good bet. :)

Let's turn the staircase slog into an elevator, a sweet upward whoosh, as we elevate to our next level.

Essentially, this is crazy-powerful energy healing blended with guidance channeled from spirit, ascended masters, sacred animals, and star beings. Designed to be whatever the group needs, it's a beautiful way to regularly bask in magic and powerful, uplifting energy. When we bask in pure love and creative energy, we begin to magnetize elevated experiences and opportunities and creation into our reality.


Already feeling it? Join Elevate!

This is a long-term container, as we shake off the old and step into the new, but if you ever need to cancel, you can reach out to me (with reasonable notice, in case I’m in the woods instead of staring at my computer) and we’ll take care of you.

Intriguing. So what exactly is this?

Every month, we’ll gather together for two powerful live online sessions of channeled guidance and energy healing, received specifically for the group. Our first session of the month will be on a specific topic, with specific guides. The second session of the month will be purely channeled, received to be exactly what the group needs in that moment, on that day. This allows us to go deeper into that month’s elevation, or play with the current energy and experience of the group in whatever way is needed.

“I am sooooo looking forward to our next Elevate session! The first was WHOA. Listened to it twice and fell asleep/entered other who-knows-what dimensions right away both times.” - Faith

Here's what we’ll be playing with next...

May: New Experience of Love (with Mary Magdalene and Jesus)

If you’re ready for a new experience of love - in any relationship, but especially in partnership and romantic love - this is your month. Mary Magdalene and Jesus were divine partners and twin flames and are super excited to help us all find and lean into the love we want to experience. (Hint: It will start within you, because isn’t that always the way?)

June: The Rainbow Bridge (with Archangel Ariel and the Lions)

Archangel Ariel and the lions will show up to help us play with the rainbow bridge - the way we bridge the gap between humans and magic, this dimension and others, and how we can use the rainbow bridge to facilitate our own healing (physical, mental, and emotional). This is good stuff, and I'm so excited to dive into it more deeply with you.  

July: Next Level Abundance (with Archangel Michael)

“Let’s sort this shit out,” is what AA Michael just said to me, which I find hilarious. Whatever your next level of money and abundance and wealth is, this is the month that will help you step into it. Because you deserve to be fully supported in whatever way you desire, so you can show up however you'd like in the world, and have whatever experiences sound like the most fun. "This world is to be enjoyed, not just changed," says AA Michael. "Money can help you do both, so let's get on it." (Ha!)

August: Fire Up (with the Phoenix)

"Spiritual jetpack" is the phrase that jumped in for August. The phoenix will help us fire up for a profound and powerful second half of the year. Whatever needs to be cleared or ignited will be taken care of with this fiery etheric friend, clearing space for our next elevation and evolution.

Stay tuned for what’s coming in the fall!

"I’ve been working with gifted channeler and intuitive healer, Amber Adrian for the past six months as part of a transition process to focus on creativity as a way of life. Amber’s program is about switching on your wisdom, power, and light - especially (for me) around creativity. It’s all about connecting with our higher selves, integrating what needs to be integrated and showing up with what we learn and experience. It’s powerful and healing work.” - Terri Connellan

Great. Loving it. Details, Please.


Two group channeled sessions each month. Sessions will be via Zoom video conference, and will be recorded, so you can watch later if you can't make it live or want to revisit sessions to receive deeper levels of healing and information.

We gather together online (you can leave your video off, though my hair is always doing something random so please don’t worry about whatever yours is doing) and I’ll channel all the guidance and remote energetic healing that wants to come through for the group that day.

We do a grounding meditation before stepping into the circle to receive guidance and deep healing from ascended masters and magical animals and star beings. I'll be channeling the good stuff: potent energy healing and all of my councils - anything and everything that wants to come through for us.We'll step into a quantum space of powerful energetic healing and guidance together for an hour and see what unfolds. Maybe it will be chakra healing, physical healing, new guides stepping in to work with you, a deeper connection with your higher self, DNA or cellular upgrades, a journey through the shadows, feeling through an emotion, new energetic tools to use in your daily life, guidance toward your next small step or next big leap.

(We don't do one-on-one work or questions in this container. We'll occasionally play with collective questions and experiences, but there isn’t individual attention. If you would prefer that kind of an experience, please contact me here for available options.)


The first and third Tuesday of the month, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

No problem if you can’t join sessions live - the work is just as powerful in the replay. Maybe even more so, because you can press pause if you want to go deeper into something or vibrate with the energy for longer.

You can re-watch the sessions to receive deeper levels of healing and information, because it works with your energy in that moment, so you can elevate in new ways, even if you've seen the session before.  

you’ll get an email with all of this:

When you enroll, I’ll send you an email with information on the upcoming sessions and how to join them. You’ll also receive an email with each recording. At the beginning of each month, I send out the upcoming month’s session information.

"I've been doing energy work, in various forms and with lots of very skilled healers, for over fifteen years. These healings with you have been among the most powerful and effective that I have ever received. You shift big things fast. So many things I've been struggling with (for months, years - and had numerous people work on), after your group sessions are moving and / or gone. Without even working one-on-one with you. I don't know how you do it, but it seems like even in these group calls, whatever you're calling in is just perfect for me. It's like you're reading my mind. I can't say thank you enough."  - Si Dawson

Want to a experience a session of Elevate?

In this session, we…

  • Play with quantum manifestation.

  • Toast wisdom marshmallows with Joan of Arc over dragon fire.

  • Get a new 9th dimensional I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-them protection shield from Archangel Michael.

  • Meet your future self for love and advice and the energy of already having what you desire.

  • Use the “I am a goddamn gift to the world” code to unlock self-worth and excitement about our mission here.

If you dig it, join Elevate for two of these sessions each month!

We already have everything we need, we just have to remember how to connect to it.

That's my main aim, and the aim of the various guides and councils and star beings who will be working with us: To help us remember our true selves, our divinity, and our potential.

Let's step together into the knowledge that amazing things will happen as we dive in deeper with our souls and bodies and energy, that we'll heal, remember and recognize our true worth and power, and elevate into the greatest experience we can imagine - and beyond.

Whatever you want to do, create, experience, be - you're ready. It's time.

Let's rise up together.

If playing in the ether with me and the guides sounds fun, I would love to have you join us. It will be lots of deep energetic support and healing, lots of channeled guidance, lots of fun - all while stepping into the next iteration of you. Of us. Of the planet. Because it's time and we're so goddamn ready.

"I love Amber - she has a true gift. If you're called to step into something big, consider this. Amber has been supporting me, and I can't tell you the difference it has already made in my life. It's exactly what I needed and worth so much to me. Her work is one of the most useful things I've encountered, and I want it in my life all the time. She's such a clear channel."  - Brenda Peregrine

"I feel like this was a turning point in my life - the tools and the insights have made a difference every single day since then. I've had a lot of fear around actually showing up in my life, and you've created a safe and loving space for me to explore and be supported and I will be forever grateful. Thank you for doing this work, and for being brave enough to share your light - it's helped me so much to feel comfortable sharing mine! - Lize Mari

"Thank you (tears in my eyes and a very relaxed heart). I was feeling desperate for this - it was such medicine. I'm going to listen and listen and listen because it just made me feel stronger, grounded, hopeful." - Ali Lawrence

birthday me.jpg

hi, I’m Amber!

Helping sensitive humans harness their magic and remember their divine origins is my joy and my jam. I'm a channel, multi-dimensional energetic healer, and eighth generation empath. I’m on this path with you, sharing what comes through me for all of us, reflecting your light and genius back to you, and translating the wisdom of these light beings, so you can blast toward your most deeply longed-for life and big purpose. I channel two councils - the Magdalena High Seven and the Magical Animals of Galilee - as well as a cadre of star beings. I'm deeply honored to be working with them - and with you. Because you have such a bright light and your joy is so deeply needed, now more than ever.


Talking about this work is one of the hardest parts of my job. Because it's not something that can be described, it can only be experienced.

When people ask what I do, I often say that I help people connect with their magic and I help them feel better.

We'll regularly be doing that and more in Elevate:

Connecting with magic - yours, mine, and all the guides and angels we'll be working with - so that magic can well up and flood your life and work and relationships and creations.

Feeling better so that whatever your experience is, you stay in a consistent state of flow, love, freedom, and joy.

Playing with life-changing energy and channeled revelations to deeply shift and elevate your experience and work here on the planet.

These sessions are like nothing else - powerful, profound, fun, with big shifts of energy and perspective that will fill your life with deep magic, purpose, joy, and peace.

I designed this to be huge, magic support for anyone who loves this work and wants to bask in this energy regularly. We'll be receiving love and healing and profound guidance from star beings, archangels, ascended masters and sacred animals.

If this is pinging your heart or your soul, or you've been wondering what's next or how to best move forward, I would be honored to channel for you. We can do amazing things together.



Disclaimer: I'm an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.