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Free Energy Healings

fire up your Magic

(and feel like a million bucks)


Become a Tuning Fork for Miracles

You're a creature of miracles. In this video, we play with what they really are and how to call them in.


Bringing Miracles Into Form

You are a divine being capable of miracles - so many you trip over them every time you get out of bed. Miracles can be an abrupt shift in circumstance or perspective, a moment of peace in turmoil, a fresh feeling of lightness. In this video, we feel into the miracles already here for us, tune into the miracles waiting to land in our reality, receive physical healing, get a golden light download, nurture whatever part of ourselves needs attention - and a lot of other things I don't remember because I channel and then completely forget what just happened (figures). We are all miraculous creatures. :)


Cycles Ending

Relationships are shifting and cycles are ending. Time to enjoy our freshly-baked ability to beautifully meld our higher and human selves and can just be, rather than healing or striving or worrying. Yes, I did this reading in bed. Sometimes that's what it takes. :) 


Activate Your Superpowers

Energy clearing from Archangel Michael, wisdom from Brigid, and an activation from the unicorns. Because that's how we roll.


Grounding Meditation for Star Seeds

Let’s get comfortable being in our bodies. Bonus: It helps us bring in and experience things like money and relationships.


here, have some help from the otters and dragons

Heart healing from the otters and a dragon wishing well to help you create and receive your desires.


Higher Self Meditation

When we're connected with and vibrating with our higher self, we create our own best reality - magnetizing opportunity, money, love, joy, all the good stuff, into our experience.


Dissolving guilt

We dissolve the energy of guilt with the phoenix (hi, fire chicken!) to create space for new and better stuff.


Step into your highest potential

Dive into your intuitive superpowers and unlock your creative genius.


Ascension is no joke

A group healing to help us navigate this wild ride.


feel better

Energy transmission to help process whatever is coming up and help you feel better.


Healing for Frustration

Here’s a solid shot of divine energy to help you step out of frustration and glean any wisdom the frustration has to share with you.


Harness your sensitive superpowers

How to be a sensitive human in this world - and follow your sensitivity to love, joy, and fulfillment.


tapping for anxiety

Tapping is a powerful tool to help quiet the brain hamsters, so you can step out of fear and into what your heart knows is true.


What's your next adventure?

You have a big adventure in mind - here's how to work with your energy to help it happen. 


heart expansion

Clear energetic blocks in your heart to begin receiving the gifts that waiting for you. It's like a cosmic gift basket. :) 


Ease the whirl of thoughts and feels

Energy healing and guidance to help you drop into your heart and ease whirling thoughts and feelings.


how to stay present

Cosmic tool to help you stay fully in the present - which is how we step out of anxiety and fully into our power.

(Harry Potter fans will appreciate this one.)


transforming judgment

We're now learning how to merge our higher selves and our human selves. So judgment gets the boot. 


Connect to your highest timeline

What do you most want to ground into your reality now? Let's pull it out of the ether and into your experience.


Healing for triggers

If the world feels trigger happy with the gun pointed at you, here are some words and energy to help. Merging our human selves with our divine selves is how we move forward.


How to handle feelings of inferiority

If feelings of inferiority threaten to sweep you away, drop into your heart and remind yourself of the truth.

Create Your Desired Reality

Here, have a ceremony with some super-powered dragon energy. With a healing to help you step over challenges and into your desired creation.


energy healing for sadness

I hope you don't need this, but if you do, I've got your back. Here's a solid dose of energetic support to help you move through sadness or grief.