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Animal Course

Dear Magical human: 

If you're drawn to unicorns, dragons, giraffes, lions, otters, peacocks, or that feisty phoenix: you're in the right place. 

You may be one of the unicorn tribe. you may have worked with a council of dragons for eons. You may be ready to shine more brilliantly, to burn more fiercely, or play with more joy. The magical animals of Galilee - a council of seven powerhouse animal energies - are ready to work with humans again, after so many ages in hiding. 

If you're feeling pulled to any - or all! - of these animals, see how they want to work with you in this seven week journey:  

Week 1 - Unicorns:

We are here to guide you into the next phase of your evolution as a creator, as a powerful intuitive. You are meant to channel divine energy through your body and into your life, into the world. We want to help you find your support, that spark of divine love you carry with you always, and unlock the genius within. Your unique brand of light and genius is desperately needed now and we’re here to help you shine it out.

week 2 - Giraffes:

You are ready to stick your neck out. You’re ready to ascend to your greatest height and we’re here to support you, to walk with you, to love you on this journey. We will help you walk through fear - intuitively, with feet planted firmly on the ground as you step into your next big evolution. You are wiser than you know - it’s time to access that inner wisdom to help guide your life and your big work in the world.

week 3 - Peacock:

You are ready to be seen in your true brilliance, your true light. I’m here to clear the path to massive visibility in the world and in your life as you build what you long to build and craft what you’ve been called to craft. It’s time to be your true self, and marvel at the depth of your brilliance. It’s time to shed the layers of ego that mar the glimmer, and shine with the vulnerability and beauty of your soul. It’s time to be seen, beloved souls.

week 4 - Phoenix:

As you step into your true light, whatever cannot exist on this new plane will rise up to be shed. I can help with your burning rebirth, but you aren’t becoming new, you are returning to who you have always been, but with a new understanding of how perfect you are, how bright your heart, and how valued your love. If things are ready to go, you’re ready to let them. I’m here to help you burn away the old to be reborn in the new. Whatever you’re ready to toss onto the blazing bonfire will burn as it’s meant or pop into a fiery re-birth, ready to serve you in a new way. It’s time. A new energy and a new experience awaits.

week 5 - Otters:

Joyful splashing will do more for your life and energy and purpose and heart than any amount of work, any amount of striving, any amount of guilt. We’re here to help you dissolve anything that blocks your joy, to honor your emotions and be in your experience, knowing that observant attention clears the space for delight. Play heals sorrow, play clears pain, play moves you into the next stage of enlightenment. Being supported and cleared by the energy of the otters and the ocean will help you receive in a new way, will help your heart expand into fresh experiences and greater influx of love.

week 6 - Lions:

We are here for warmth, for rest, to help you find your voice and use your roar to create that which you know is possible here on earth, even if the rest of the planet seems to firmly declare that it's not. As your voice rings true, your tribe finds you, and you know the comfort of your pack, even as you blaze your own trail through the world.

week 7 - Dragons:

You are creating A new world. A new world of your singular experience and a new world that can be shared with all. We will help you choose and create and birth this new world, as you choose and create and birth your life. For they are one and the same, as you and the dragons are one and the same.