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When you begin to blaze your own trail, the whole universe gets behind you. If you’d like help accessing the guidance of your higher self, the wisdom of your guides, healing and downloads from ascended masters, magical animals, and star beings, Trailblazers is for you. Step into your next evolution with ease and joy. Magnetize wild abundance from a place of guided rest and inspired action. Activate your superpowers and creative mojo in a powerful and deeply supportive three month container. This is where things get really fun.

The january session is now open!



Channeled Session - 60 minutes

Source wisdom translated into powerful guidance and comfort, delivered with deep energetic healing and practical next steps on your life path and spiritual journey. We’ll dive into whatever challenges and desires you have with some deep energy healing and guidance from your spirit team and mine. (Warning: unicorns may horn in.)

Book Here - $200

Star Session - 90 minutes

Connect with your star family to bask in their powerful frequencies and receive whatever messages, healing, and rocket launching they have for you. People have experienced physical healing and DNA upgrades, thought and belief re-patterning, third eye activations, energy clearings, home clearings, and life purpose downloads.

Book Here - $300

Wild Abundance or 6 weeks of miracles

In these powerfully transformative one-on-one mentorship containers (currently on wild abundance and calling in major miracles), we do deep channeled-just-for-you healing work together. There’s nothing else like it.

Email for details and availability.

Love healing [or] money Healing - 20 minutes

Juiced-up guidance and healing audio channeled for you around your challenges and desires with either love or money.

Book Here - $111

Oracle Card Reading - 20 minutes

3-card reading on your general energy and path, or one question / area of life, delivered via video. Guidance, comfort and answers. Occasionally a boot to the rear. (Please note, these are oracle card readings not tarot.)

Book Here - $55

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Seven Weeks of Magic

Usher in a powerful new phase of life with Seven Weeks of Magic. This is the time we’ve been waiting for and we’re ready to hold the light and step fully into our roles here on earth. Each week you’ll receive a channeled video full of meditations, activations, quantum healing, and guidance from my powerhouse councils.

Learn More and Purchase Here - $197

Channeling School Bundle

Dive into your intuitive superpowers and confidently tap into divine wisdom and healing. In this bundle of 20 channeled teachings and healings, we dive in together. You’ll also be invited to a live session, channeled just for you and the current cohort. Answer your biggest questions, channel for yourself and others, and gain a new sense of your place in the world.

Learn More and Purchase Here - $197

Unicorn Academy

An eight-week channeled journey with magical animals. If you’re drawn to unicorns, lions, dragons, giraffes, otters, or that feisty phoenix - you’re in the right place. Shine more brightly, burn more fiercely and create with more joy.

Learn More and Purchase Here - $222

Money Healing Bundle

20 super-charged pre-recorded money healings to help you step into your next level of abundance, receiving, and wealth.

Purchase Here - $77

Feel Better

3 months of weekly channeled healing videos and audios on how to feel your feelings, you tap into their messages, and access your own GPS system. This is where life, love, and creativity begins to flow easily.

Learn More and Purchase Here - $97

13 Magic Meditations

Meditations for hearing your intuition and receiving guidance from your higher self, following your soul’s path, going to sleep, easing overwhelm, moving through anger, soothing sadness and grief, healing a broken heart, quieting worry, banishing the brain gremlins, dissolving blocks, and balancing your energy. Short audios to help you feel ease, security, love, and joy.

Purchase Here - $13

Disclaimer: I'm an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.