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Healing to Ignite Your Writing Genius


Healing to Ignite Your Writing Genius

  • Shift out of writer’s block.

  • Remember why the world needs you and your words.

  • Begin a new project.

  • Fresh inspiration and excitement for an ongoing project.

  • Write with energy and joy.

Channeled guidance and energy healing to give you whatever you and your writing most need now. Delivered via 20-minute audio within a week.

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"Amber is beyond wise and has a special connection with exactly what we need to hear as creatives in this world. My work can fit into two buckets: Before Amber and After Amber. Before Amber I constantly felt guilty about the work I wasn't doing and never took the time to look at everything I'd done as a whole. After Amber means I now give myself permission to take care of myself as a human, which ultimately means I foster the writer. I've stopped trying so hard to bleed myself dry every time I sit in front of my computer. Instead, I write when it feels enjoyable. The result? I've produced significantly more work and it's actually been good. Writers are too hard on themselves, making us prime candidates for an injection of Amber's wisdom. "  - Marian Schembari (Copywriter for Marie Forleo)

"Working with Amber, I had no idea what to expect beyond that I trusted her. The words Amber said, calmly and rationally and insistently - were exactly what I needed to hear. So much so that I spent the next two days in bed, almost exhausted for feeling so seen. So recognized. It was like I could finally exhale after carrying around such worry with me. I needed time to process what she said, and then, coming out the other side, I felt reborn and re-energized. As a writer you'd think I'd have better words to explain but I can't: She's magic." - Laura Jane Williams (Author of Becoming and Ice Cream for Breakfast)

“I’m so glad Amber and all her fairy magic are in this world of ours.” - Brian Andreas (Creator of StoryPeople and Flying Edna and author of more books than can be reasonably listed)