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Oracle Card Reading

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oracle cards.jpg

Oracle Card Reading


3-card channeled reading with deep shifts embedded. Guidance, comfort and answers to help you get a sense of what’s going on and where you’re headed, while diving into a question, challenge or desire.

(Please note: This is an oracle card reading, not a tarot reading.)

Delivered via video, within a week.

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“I've received so much guidance and support through Amber's offerings over the years, but I'm so glad I reached out to for a three-card guidance session. In less than 24 hours, she sent me a 30-minute video in which she shared profound insights that I will be playing with and integrating for a long time to come. I've always loved how open and sincere (light-filled and unafraid of the dark) Amber is in everything that she does and in this instance, in particular, I was struck all over again by her gifts. The guidance was profound and resonated with me deeply. I can't wait to work with her again.”  - Jennifer Koons