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Star Session


Star Session


Connect with your star family to bask in their powerful frequencies and receive whatever messages, healing, and expansion they have for you. People have experienced deep perspective shifts, energetic openings to new experiences, physical healing and DNA upgrades, thought and belief re-patterning, third eye activations, energy clearings, home clearings, and life purpose downloads.

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In these sessions, I tune in with your energy and frequency and act as a sort of bridge or gate for you and the star beings to interact. What tends to happen is anywhere from three to nine star beings show up to work with your energetic (and sometimes physical) body, bringing in healing and guidance. I'm there to help translate what's happening and assist with the energy flow. Usually, I end up introducing you to your star family or star beings who want to work with you and then you can call them in and work with them further on your own, if you choose.

Each session is 60 minutes. We do a 15-20 minute grounding meditation and then the star beings step in to work with you in whatever way they see fit. The star beings usually want the full hour to work, so there isn’t time for questions. But I always welcome emails before the session to let me know where you are and what you're working on in your life - and most people find their questions are answered anyway. :)

After you book your session, I’ll reach out via email to schedule a time and send you the link to join the session. The sessions are recorded, so you can revisit them any time. People often receive fresh healing and guidance when they do this, as the energy works with you on deeper levels. 

Many people experience a huge soul sigh of relief and deep energetic shifts around being able to trust and enjoy this life roller coaster, knowing it's all unfolding perfectly and divinely. Which is the main reason I do this work. :) 

"I feel a renewed sense of direction, and feeling so much lighter, happier and weepy all at once. That was such a beautifully guided/channeled experience. So much clearing done - wow! The first change I'm seeing is an improvement in my physical energy. After the channeling and both long distance healings, my barely-there energy levels have dramatically improved. And I don't feel guilty about having to focus on me. Just accepting completely that spiritual healing is a part of my journey and allowing myself to be led to whatever it might be in divine timing. It has lifted so much of heavy energy around me. I am grateful for having connected with you and your lovely gift. You have that ability to pass on messages the way each one of of us understands. It was really deep, powerful, clear, beautiful and healing. I couldn't have made a better choice of healer for it. Thank you." - Kavita