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Weekly-ish Healing Videos


activate your magic

How to connect with your higher self - your divine self, your god self - to receive guidance, healing, and the best life advice ever. (Please enjoy the muppet mouth. :) --- Amber Adrian is the human emissary and oracle-on-call for The Magdalena High Seven and the Magical Animals of Galilee.
The weekly healing and guidance videos are back for 2018! Today, Mother Mary gives us the gift of gentleness and the otters remind us to have fun. Because fun and joy is some of the highest energy we can access - and will help everything else in our lives. Enjoy!

In this free session of Activate - deep channeled group support to help women activate their power and magic - we spend time with the Magdalena High Seven and the Magical Animals of Galilee. This is for you if you'd love a blast of transformative phoenix fire, joy activation from Mother Mary, magic sword o' boundaries and manifestation from Joan of Arc, and heart healing from the unicorns. 

If you need a bump to help you shine more brightly as you do your big work in the world, the peacock will help you be seen in your true light and power and beauty. (This is a good one for the healers, writers, coaches, intuitives, and artists.)

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