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you’re so ready for what’s next

we’ll jam with your higher self and spirit team (mine will probably horn in too) on your next evolution - of love, abundance, creativity, purpose, and freedom.

if this is nudging your heart or soul, I’d love to learn more about you!

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After I’ve read your message, I’ll email you with information on how we could work together, with my intuitive hit on what will best serve you. Hooray!

Sending lots of love,

xo - Amber

A Channeled message For You:

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your experience of life, your experience of your soul, your experience of the dimensions and what’s available to all humans when they unfurl their antennae, we are so ready to work with you. To play with you in a new way, a way that encompasses healing your physical structure, your mental structure, your emotional flow. To play with you in a more conscious way, so you know what’s going on below the surface, in the depths of your being. So you can rest more deeply, flow more easily, and - when the time comes - guide yourself with more sovereignty.

All of this is already happening, no need to worry that you need to do something or aren’t doing something necessary. It is all happening. But sometimes the brain can get in the way and cause friction and static and create a painful experience out of a beautiful one. This is what this work helps. There is such deep love and comfort and joy available to you in each moment, and working with someone like Amber helps you tap into that, feel that, know that. This is what we want for all living beings - the sense of liberation that comes with exiting the systems and structures that no longer serve you.

We encourage you now to seek joy, to follow the energy, to allow yourself to be guided by your own innate wisdom - the wisdom of your body and your deep inner knowing. As you learn to tap into these deep wells, your experience of life will forever change.

We love you, you are loved. Blessings upon you.

What’s next for you?

  • Are you excited to clear space - mental, emotional, energetic, and physical - to receive more? More love, more money, more opportunities, more inspiration, more soul-fueled purpose?

  • Do you want serious traction on a spiritual and/or heart-centered business?

  • Are you ready to finally write that book?

  • Are you ready to fully step into your channeling, healing, or other superpowers?

  • Are you ready to fully recognize and honor your worth, to step into a new and more fulfilling experience of money, love, or freedom?

  • Are you so ready to step out of suffering and into self-love, to be guided by the deep wisdom and knowledge of your soul rather than the exhaustive spinning of your brain?

  • Maybe you just want and need a lot of support and love right now as you recover and feel into what’s next on your path.

We can play with anything you’re being called toward now.

If you have no idea where you’re being called, you just know something strong is kicking up within you, well, that’s where some of the best and most fun work is done. :)

Better yet, fill out that form up there and tell me more about you. :)

xo - Amber

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