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Ascension Party!

ascension party.PNG

if you're super curious about all the world craziness, amped-up feelings and crazy physical symptoms - I've got good news.

We're in a major world shift right now. Like, tilting the world on its axis. It's deeply positive - even though any human who ever looks at a newspaper or a headline would say otherwise.

(Pro tip, especially for you empaths: Don't look at newspapers or headlines.) 

want to dive into this? join the live-streamed Ascension Party on Saturday, April 21 at 11 am pacific!

We’ll talk about what’s going on and how to play with this energy and let it serve you and your life, instead of being battered by it.

We’ll also do some group energetic healing to tone down the symptoms and to help hook you into your own inner GPS so you can flow through this time, like Keanu Reeves on a surfboard instead of a queasy kid on a roller coaster who’s deeply regretting that hot dog he just ate.


If you’re baffled by or curious about any of the following….

  • Why the goddamn feelings roller coaster? 
  • What's up with the world and the extra bat shit crazy right now. 
  • Why do I have this weird flu, headaches, interrupted sleep, nausea, eczema, ringing in my ears, [insert other random symptoms here] 
  • Do I have extra superpowers now? It feels like I might be getting some. Which is awesome, but also what? 
  • Is my belief that things are actually getting better, like amazingly better, super naive? (Spoiler: Nope!)
  • Is there anything I can do about my fear that we're all about to die? (Spoiler: Yup!) 

...then you should definitely come hang out with me on Saturday morning! 

Where: Online, link to join will be sent after you register (as well as the replay afterward)

When: Saturday, April 21st, 11 am Pacific Time

How much: $7.77

As always, this will be channeled for us, so we'll see what else comes through!