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Clear Connect Create


3 months to blaze your soul forward with the phoenix, follow your own internal GPS, and create the thing you've been wanting to create for ages 

Creation and manifestation for empaths

Call in the shift that's been hovering for months, years, even decades. 

Now is your time, baby. You've got this! 

The energy has literally never been better in our lifetimes - in millennia, even - for calling in what you want to be, create, experience, and live. 

If you're an empath, a super sensitive human of any stripe, and you're so ready to step into what you know you're here to do, I can't wait to help. 

We'll spend three months together clearing (a crucial step for empaths that's often missed) with the phoenix, connecting with the unicorns and creating with the dragons. 

Wait, back up. Unicorns? Dragons? 

Yeah, baby. 

I work with two councils - one of ascended masters like Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc and another of sacred animals. Dragons are pure love, pure creation and they guide us so beautifully into creating what we've come down to this plane to create. Unicorns help us activate our third eye, trust our guidance, and hook in with universal wisdom and healing. And the phoenix sets fire to anything that no longer serves and helps us rise up from the ashes. This is good stuff. 

We'll bring forward these powerful magical animals together to receive the guidance and healing you need to create whatever you desire in your life. 


Month one With the Phoenix 

Clear your mental, physical, energetic and emotional space to create room to receive, create what you want from a place of clarity (rather than creating from the chaos that comes when you're carrying other people's hulk-smash emotions and misaligned beliefs in hour field).


Month two With the Unicorns

Connect with the guidance and healing of your higher self, guides, angels, universe/source/god. This is how to move forward in the most joyful and aligned way to create and experience exactly what you stepped onto this plane to do and receive. 


Month Three With the Dragons

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Dragons are powerful mentors for creating anything you want. We'll work with them to create in a new way. 



Each month features: 

One powerful pre-recorded session of channeled guidance and healing each month

One recorded energy healing and guided meditation

Because this work is so powerful, there will be two integration weeks included. If you prefer, you can visit the sessions and meditations multiple times to receive different healing and guidance each time, because this work happens outside of time and space and the healing energy is encoded so that you receive whatever it is you most need every time you engage with it. Cool, right? 

Homework - engage each day for fast and powerful results