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Embrace the Dark

Welcome! The message below was channeled just for you, dear ones, as you navigate your star-lit path. If it speaks to you, Please sign up to stay in touch & visit me here any time. 

Do not fear your darkness

Your darkness is a treasure trove of guidance and healing

Your darkness contains everything you’ve been searching for. Do not fear the dark but do not let it consume you. Step into the darkness in full knowledge of your light and prepared to turn on the flashlight of your soul when you hit those dark corners. Not to light up the darkness, but to show yourself that there is nothing to fear, to illuminate what has been tucked away.

We tuck away what we’re afraid or ashamed of - but in the wholeness of your being, there is no shame, because you are perfect, you are your own unique piece of the divine creator and there is no shame in that divine light. Shame and fear are constructs that we enter into willingly because this is where we expand the most.

Your darkness is as rich and beautiful as your light, and just as glorious. It doesn’t feel that way, in the stickiness of doubt or fear or yearning to hide away the less shiny pieces of ourselves. But your exploration of your dark, your vulnerability, your willingness to take your flashlight into the murky places shows others the beauty and the power of that act. You become a true guide and leader for others on this path. Let your vulnerability be a blessing in your life and an inspiration for others who fear the dark.

Lots of love and fist bump to you on your journey, 


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