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Imbolc Invitation

Imbolc Ceremony with Brigid - February 1st

Honor your magic with Brigid 


Here's what Brigid has to say to you, if you're feeling called to this ceremony:

“I want to help you call in the light, I want to help you begin to create what your heart most longs to create - whether that’s a beautiful work of art, a powerful and world-changing book, a baby, greater wealth with which to enjoy your time on earth - and I want to help you recognize and honor your magic, your wholeness, and your deep and abiding love.

You are known throughout the cosmos for your tireless devotion to humanity, your love for the world, and your ability to call in great change and great hope. I want to help you recognize your magic, your ability to funnel that magic into the earth and your life, and to help you honor and ready yourself for this next great season in your life.”



What: Imbolc Ceremony with Brigid (channeled by Amber and conducted online because time/space) 

When: Noon on Thursday, February 1st (Pacific Time) 

How much: $7.77

How it works: You'll receive a link join live, as well as access to the recording. 


We’ll begin with a meditation and receive channeled love / magic / guidance from Brigid to step into this new season of the year and of our lives.

Guest cameos may be made by Archangel Michael, unicorns, Joan of Arc, or dragons. Really, who knows? But that's half the fun. 

If you’re drawn to Avalon, Celtic magic, feel strongly pulled to Brigid, or just like to say “Imbolc”, this is right up your alley. We're also gathering right on the heels of the blue super moon on Wednesday, so a potent time to bask in love and amplify your magic. 

I'm so excited to see what shows up for us! 

Lots of love and blessings for Imbolc,