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Money Magic

 Money Magic

Ready for a quantum leap with abundance?

Shift your energy and emotions toward serious wealth.

We live our best life and do our best magic when we feel stable and abundant. Thriving and wildly prosperous. Because you need to be supported in order to support others. 

If you’re so ready to thrive financially, feel peace around money, bend time and space to receive what you want now, and take a quantum leap with your abundance - welcome! You’re in the right place.

Having more money - a lot more money - isn't about working harder or getting a different job or winning the lottery or or becoming a bestseller or elevating your business in a massive way.

(Though any of those things can happen easily, naturally, and joyfully as you begin unraveling your subterranean blocks.)

Having more money is about adjusting your energetic resonance to a place of powerful abundance.

Cool, right? 

(And it doesn’t just mean more money, it means more of a lot of things.)

Shift what's below the surface of your experience, and the whole experience begins to shift. Take a quantum leap toward what you’ve been desiring, what you know is yours, but haven’t quite been able to ground into your see-able and touch-able reality.

As a channel and energy healer, I love helping people shift the energy beneath the challenge. 

Especially when “shift the energy” = “MOAR MONEYS FOR EVERYONE!” 

(She roars, like a T Rex tromping through pools of hundred dollar bills.)

“Your money healings have already radically improved my life. I've been doing energy work, in various forms and with lots of very skilled healers, for over fifteen years. These healings with you have been among the most powerful and effective that I have EVER received. You shift BIG things. Fast.

So many things I've been struggling with (for months, years - and had numerous people work on), after your group sessions are moving or gone. Without even working one-on-one with you. I don't know how you do it, but it seems like whatever you're calling in is just PERFECT for me. It's like you're reading my mind. I can't say thank you enough.”

- Si

“I've learned so much about bringing in my miracles from you! Thank you so much. I now trust that I can bring in everything I need.”

- Courtney

“I have to tell you how much I love your money healings. I come away from the sessions feeling energized and vowing to make habits out of the profound wisdom you are channeling. Thank you so much for sharing this gift.” - Bonnie

Some of the results reported after basking in the Money Magic healings:

  • More money

  • Unexpected money 

  • Guidance received (and easily followed) about how to easily create extra cash

  • Businesses evolving

  • Feeling less stressed about finances

  • Sense of peace around things that previously triggered shame or guilt or tears

  • Able to roll with uncertainty in a much more peaceful and powerful way

  • Other big things shifting, because as we work in one area, all the others shift around it 

We live our best life and do our best magic when we feel stable and abundant. Thriving and wildly prosperous. Because you need to be supported in order to support others. 

What do you want? What kind of money would help you thrive? Feel wildly wealthy and more than able to do the work you know you’re here to do, make the art you know you’re here to make, and enjoy this world fully?

Let’s shift it together. 

Let’s magnetize money by unraveling the energy that’s keeping you stuck at this level. 

Let’s dissolve the emotion and sticky energy around finances so you can feel peace and joy in whatever your money situation happens to be. 

Let’s blow up whatever blocks are in the way and create quantum shifts around money.

Great. so what exactly is this?

Money Magic contains 22 Supercharged energy healings to help you ...

  • Call in the cash

  • Unhook from the collective suffering around money and scarcity mindset

  • Feel better about money (whatever your current challenge or experience happens to be)

  • Upgrade your energy around money

  • Unlock all the treasure you've been gathering in your energetic escrow

  • Rest and integrate (especially important for sensitive souls)

  • Connect with your future self, the one that's already wealthy

  • Clear blocks to receiving

  • Activate your heart

  • Expand into your highest timeline

  • Bend time and space to receive what you want now

  • Lay the groundwork for serious wealth

  • Create at a quantum level

22 powerhouse healings to help you feel better and begin creating the money, wealth, and abundance that is waiting for you.

Yours to listen to as many times as you like - the healings only get more powerful when re-watched. Basking in the energy multiple times helps you move down through the layers to where your abundance lives: already inside you.


10 bucks a healing is crazy, but crazy is way more fun

Who Is money magic For?

Money Magic is for artists, creatives, writers, healers, heart-driven entrepreneurs, magic-makers, dreamers, 9-to-5ers, sensitive people who want to wear flannel pajamas most of the time and still have a rocking bank account.

It’s for anyone who knows money is available, and wants help tapping into it.

It’s for anyone who wants to be deeply supported.

It’s for anyone who knows they’re meant to be wealthy - because good-hearted people are exactly who should have money - but don’t know how or think it’s not realistic to dream that big.

(Money is just energy. It’s a neutral resource. And you, my dear, have enough energy to light up a continent. So let’s translate that into your bank account.)

Money Magic is anyone who works with Mary Magdalene or resonates with unicorns, lions, or the feisty phoenix. (There may also be some dragons, I need to rewatch these things so I can remember everyone who shows up. :)

It’s for anyone who’s exhausted by affirmations and mindset work that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Or who can’t seem to stay consistent with mindset work, because you crash energetically.

(Mindset work is beautiful and purposeful, but sensitive people often have an extra step to take, because depending on where you’re starting and how much negativity around money you’ve empathically absorbed, going straight to the belief shifting can be too overwhelming for your system.

Personally, I had to do a years of energy healing - calming my system, re-patterning my brain waves -  before any kind of manifestation or mindset work was effective for me. I made these money healings to help you skip those years and jump straight to the good stuff.)

Money Magic is for anyone who has a good mindset practice that’s serving them well, but they want some supplemental support. Or are ready to step into the next level of their manifestation and need a boost.

After absorbing money magic, people have …

  • drastically increased their income

  • landed new soul-aligned jobs

  • seen new opportunities for revenue in their business

  • felt more comfortable with their feelings around money

  • felt more comfortable having money

Working below the level of conscious thought, the Money Magic healings help you tap into a greater understanding of the true nature of money and how available it is to you, all the time.

On a conscious level, you feel inspired and reassured and loved and so ready to do this thing. On an energetic level, you feel stable and balanced around money, giving yourself a firm foundation to receive and create. 

Here’s what you get:

22 powerful energy healings

around money and abundance you can listen to over and over, receiving new information and healing each time.

15-35 minutes each, so easy to do in one sitting, and beautiful to have playing in the background as you fold laundry or do dishes or otherwise go about your life. (Don’t do them while driving - these sessions have been known to put people to sleep. Which is one of the ways you know you’re receiving on a really deep level.)

Includes root chakra healings, healings from your higher self, unhooking from the matrix of guilt and fear, the energy of joy, healings from Mary Magdalene and unicorns, clearing blocks and resistance, healings on receiving and unconditional love and self-sourcing, we connect with your future self (who already knows where all your wealth came from) and your own unique soul vibration (consciously resonating at your own unique frequency lets money fly in) and all sorts of other fun stuff.

How the healings feel:

“Thank you, Amber! Just emerging now. I feel so, so, so refreshed. More deeply feeling how money, love, and the heart are all one continuum. Of course it's so much deeper than those words.” - Sharon

“I was participating in the healing and with my eyes closed, I saw a HUGE flash of light come down on me. My heart began to race and then suddenly went calm. I felt peaceful. I've never experienced anything like that before.” - Heidi

If this is pinging your heart, feeling like the next aligned step, nudging your intuition, or giving you goosebumps … let’s do this thing. :)


(You get immediate access to all the healings.)

It’s my intention to help good hearted people have as much money as they want or need. I want big wealth in the hands of the artists and healers and writers and helpers and mothers and entrepreneurs and creatives the world needs. And the world needs you. You should be supported as you do your purpose work. Swim in wild abundance, just because it’s fun.

So let’s do this thing.

birthday me.jpg


I'm a channel, eighth generation empath, and ninth dimensional energetic healer.

Helping magical people step into their purpose and light is my joy and my jam. Yes, that includes wealth and wild abundance. Because money should be in the hands of good-hearted people who are here to serve in a way that brings them deep fulfillment and joy.

As we bring our magic forward, both our lives, the lives of those around us, and the world takes another giant leap toward love and abundance. So let’s get to it.


try the first healing:

first step on the path to full financial freedom (Hooray!)

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee specific results, as it depends on your participation and willingness to keep diving in and devoting yourself to your wealth and following your own guidance around creating it. I'm an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.