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Activate Your Life


...your life, intuitive superpowers, and creative genius


channeled wisdom and healing from the ascended masters of the magdalena high seven and the Magical animals of galilee.

"We are an order of high beings here to help you activate your magic, and to show you the pure joy that can be found in this life." 

Harness your immense potential with sacred medicine from ascended masters and archangels paired with extraordinary animals.

Deep transformation channeled specifically for the group, with space for questions and one-on-one healing. Because this is the time we've been waiting for, and you're ready to saddle up. 


"I love Amber - she has a true gift. If you're called to step into something big, consider her offering here. Amber has been supporting me, and I can't tell you the difference it has already made in my life. It's exactly what I needed and worth so much to me. Her channeling is one of the most useful things I've encountered, and I want it in my life all the time. She's such a clear channel." 



"I’ve been working with gifted channeler and intuitive healer, Amber Adrian for the past six months. Amber’s Activate program is about switching on your wisdom, power, and light, especially (for me) around creativity.

It’s all about connecting with our higher selves, integrating what needs to be integrated and showing up with what we learn and experience. It’s powerful and healing work, hard to describe, but my role it seems is to put my experiences into words.

 In a session recently, guides stepped through for each of us with a message. For me, the guide was there to help me connect with my heart. With gold from her palm, she filled in any wounds with gold, so it was like my heart was made new again. She released shadows and energies, removed cords from my heart and filled the holes left by my heart wounds. And she gave me a special message:

Your heart is ready, put it on the page."

Terri Connellan