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The Phoenix

purple phoenix.jpg

The phoenix is a feisty one and not the easiest to work with - but if you're ready for a powerful rebirth, this is the demanding quantum creature for you.

Here's what she has to say:  

"I’m here to help you burn through what no longer serves you. It won’t be easy. It will require peering deeply into those shadowy spots your ego cringes from, poking into those tender wounded spaces, triggering old emotion so it can finally rise up and leave. But the reward is moving into a space you have never experienced before. Feeling and seeing your wholeness fully, unscathed, as if you were never wounded in the first place.

If you would like my help, call me in. Breathe with me. Feel the heat of the flames. Let yourself recall those times where you felt not enough. Revisit past trauma and feel the rage, feel the helplessness, feel the fog. Step back into the emptiness. I will lead you through. Follow my fire, follow the flames. Let my fire light yours. Let the flames lick through your soul, burning to ash any old feelings you’re ready to finally release, any old ties that bind you to a toxic past, any resentments that pull your energy from light into dark.

Move through your dark. Move through your shadow. I will show you the way and we will burn through it together. We will burn through that seemingly endless tunnel until a new experience explodes into existence. This brightness, this light, this new feeling of joy is always available to you - you simply need to walk through your darkness and come out on the other side.

If you fear the dark, let me be your night light. If you fear the tar, let me melt it from your ankles. If you fear the world, let me help you build a new one. But we can only do so once you fully understand that there is nothing to fear - not the dark, not the places that want to hold you prisoner, not the darkness of the world. For none of these things are real. Only you are real. Only your light is real. Blazing your path through the darkness will lead others into the light.

Call on me in the dark and together we will birth a new light.

If you are sick of reality as you see it, if you are thoroughly exhausted by places in your life that feel stuck, feel the same - if you are ready to burn it all to the ground, call on the phoenix for a fiery rebirth into your true self, your true potential, your ultimate readiness to help the world regain its balance, its footing in the divine, that which has been lost for so long."