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Let's Play

Ready to unlock YOUR SUPERPOWERS?

dive into your magic and navigate life with ease, joy, and a deep sense of purpose.

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Hi, I’m Amber!

As a gateway for high frequency channeled guidance and healing, one-on-one sessions with me and my two high councils - the Magical Animals of Galilee and the Magdalena High Seven - can be life changing.

We’ll hang out with your higher self and guides, and see which ascended masters, archangels, sacred animals, and star beings show up to help you on your path.

(It’s always fun when the dragons wander in. :)

here’s what we might do together:  

  • Connect with your star family to bask in their powerful frequencies and receive whatever messages, healing, and rocket fuel they have for you. 

  • Mastermind with Joan of Arc and the dragons to create change in your life and the world.

  • Honor your divine light with Mary Magdalene and receive an activation from the unicorns to feel your true magnificence all the way down to your bones.

  • Step into a fiery rebirth of your true potential, your ultimate readiness to help the world regain its balance and divinity with the phoenix.

  • Clear a solid millennia of ancestral baggage with Archangel Michael.

  • Feel the comfort and love of your tribe with the lions.

  • Receive a golden light re-coding of your cells to activate their highest potential with Archangel Ariel.

  • Jam with Jesus and the giraffes to help you ground your highest vision into manifested reality.

  • Feel yourself wrapped up in tear-inducing waves of love from Mother Mary and the otters.

  • Activate your creative genius with Brigid and receive a healing from the peacock to gleam more brightly in your life and art.

We'll be guided to whatever healing and activation you most need in this moment to help you build momentum, and come to a deeper understanding of yourself as the powerful being you are. Besides, who doesn't want life advice from a unicorn? 


  • switched careers

  • gotten pregnant

  • published books

  • had major spiritual a-ha moments

  • been met by new guides and angels for deeper work together

  • learned to receive and trust their own inner guidance

  • discovered new intuitive and creative superpowers

  • experienced physical healing and DNA upgrades, thought and belief re-patterning, third eye activations, energy clearings, home clearings, and life purpose downloads.


Basking in this divine energy during our session - and whenever you listen to the recording - will help you feel a thousand times better about whatever's currently showing up in your experience and offer you powerful next steps for moving forward.


The effects, both inner and outer, of what we do together will ripple through your life for a long time to come.

Past clients have called this work a life raft, fairy magic, and access to deep peace. :)

"I feel a renewed sense of direction, and feeling so much lighter, happier and weepy all at once. That was such a beautifully guided and channeled experience. So much clearing done - wow! The first change I'm seeing is an improvement in my physical energy. My barely-there energy levels have dramatically improved. And I don't feel guilty about having to focus on me. Just accepting completely that spiritual healing is a part of my journey and allowing myself to be led to whatever it might be in divine timing. It has lifted so much of heavy energy around me. I am grateful for having connected with you and your lovely gift. You have that ability to pass on messages the way each one of of us understands. It was really deep, powerful, clear, beautiful and healing. I couldn't have made a better choice of healer for it. Thank you." - Kavita

“Thanks for being awesome, Amber, and for walking with me through this brilliant phase of my development. You’ve been integral.” - Sharon

“I've learned so much about bringing in my miracles from you! Thank you so much. I now trust that I can bring in everything I need.” - Courtney

Disclaimer: I'm an intuitive channel and healer, not a medical or health practitioner. Each person who receives this work takes full responsibility for any changes and consequences that may or may not occur.