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Star Being

Weekly Channeled group Healing sessions

Connecting with star beings is some of the best juice the universe has to offer.

Every week, we’re going to bask in their powerful frequencies to receive whatever messages, healing, and expansion they have for us. 

In these channeled sessions, people have experienced physical healing and DNA upgrades, thought and belief re-patterning, third eye activations, energy clearings, home clearings, and life purpose downloads.

Return to your interstellar roots so you can ground more powerfully into the home you have chosen and really blaze your light here.

High Frequencies Shooting you Anywhere You Want To Go

Channel a message from the group that wants to work with us, for all the people who will join. Send out a call!

How will this serve them?

Who Is This For?

Star Seeds, Witches, Healers, Channelers, Writers, Creators, Creatives, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Parents, Especially Parents of Sensitive Kiddos, Musicians, Empaths, Anyone Who Feels Too Anything (Sensitive, Different, Weird, Intense Etc.), People with Hearts the Size of Alaska, Helpers,

This is for anyone who wants to radically deepen their spiritual practice. Anyone who wants to sink into deeper peace, open up to joy and abundance, while connecting more powerfully with their own truth. Anyone who knows they have a big purpose here but may need some help remembering what it is or implementing it. (Which I guess is all of us. :) Anyone who wants to bathe in celestial light on a regular basis and receive whatever it has for them.

How it Works

Each Tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific Time, we’ll gather in an online video conference room for an hour or so to ground and open up to whatever meditations, activations, guidance, messages, upgrades, light codes, healing, downloads and frequencies want to come through for the group that day. Sessions will generally last an hour, unless we receive something so powerful that going a full hour would overload us.

Each session is recorded, in case you miss one. Just as powerful in replay as it is live, you can listen to these sessions again and again, receiving different frequencies to match your new energy each time.

We may have time for general questions about the energies or what came through toward the end. No personal questions, but members get a 50 percent discount on one-on-one star sessions.

3 month commitment at first, to get used to the energies, and then you can step away whenever you feel complete.

Facebook community for love and support and an opportunity to discuss what happened in the sessions and what’s going on in your lives. I’ll drop in as I’m able.

Bonuses for anyone who joins by xx/xx:

$97 a month - this introductory price will be yours for the lifetime of your membership, even when it shifts for new people later.

Individual Star Sessions are half-off for as long as you’re a member (and I can do them sustainably). So a 90-minute one-on-one with me and whatever star beings show up for you is $150 instead of $300. I’ve never offered anything like this, but it feels really aligned with this container. (If this gets big, and I’m getting a yes it will if I remain focused on it, I wouldn’t be able to offer these half-off one-on-one sessions to everyone, so they’ll be reserved for the OGs.)

This is the most powerful stuff I’ve ever channeled

…and I’m so excited to Share it this way

Four hours a month of deep and powerful guidance and healing to help you root into this earth while expanding into other dimensions. To bask into the highest frequencies we can receive here on this planet. As you roll through your journey, this will help you in any way you need.

Plus, the opportunity to get whatever one-on-one help you need for the lowest price I will probably ever offer.

Hi, I’m Amber!

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