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The Unicorns


channeled from the Unicorns, who are super antsy to talk to you. For real. They have a bad habit of waking me up at 3 in the morning because they're so excited to be seen again.

Here's what they have to say: 

"We are here now to help you ascend - to your highest potential in this life, to your greatest learning, to a magical coalition of all your selves - crossing timelines and planets and incarnations so that you may assemble all the highest wisdom of your soul to serve you in your mission here.

You are brave for following this path and we know it isn’t easy. You find yourself in a reality of limitations and suffering and you are asking yourself to step through that suffering and beyond that limitation to ground something much more powerful into this world you find yourself on - love. As you know, love is your source, your purpose, and your greatest challenge. It can be easy to love humanity, but not so specific humans. It can be easy to love your pet, but harder to see that they reflect the divinity and purity of your own core.

We see your struggle and we love you for it. And we’re here to help, in any way we can, any way you allow us. For you must welcome us in. We can nudge you and show up for you and parade across your sight line in an obnoxious chorus of Skittle-hued magic ponies. But we can’t fully show up in your world with the healing and the wisdom we can offer until you invite us.


We will only get more insistent. Amber calls us pushy and she’s not wrong. We are pushing her and we will push you. Because we are so happy to be connecting with humanity again after so many dark eons. We haven’t been able to fully appear to you before this age and we are so thrilled to help you welcome in this new Golden Era.

To welcome in our assistance, simply open yourself up to the possibility that a seventh dimensional unicorn on the etheric plane can help you with whatever challenge faces you today, as well as the greater trajectory of your life here on earth. We can help you realize your biggest, baddest, boldest dreams - the ones that make you squirm and descend back into the tiny-ness of which you humans are so fond of retreating into.

We can help you allow your greatest love and most divine partnerships.

We can help you honor the arc of your learning and timelines, releasing any need to pressure or force or activate.

We can help you see your true self, see yourself as you truly are, in your power and light and love and magnificence.

We can help you create your biggest dreams for your work, your life, and the world in physical form, by helping your highest imaginings take form in the physical plane. Yes, we can.

(If you’re retreating right now, shrinking into a smaller space or feeling tempted to blow us off, please feel free. But we’ll be back and probably at a less convenient time. So if you’re feeling that urge to scoff - first of all, please scoff. Amber scoffs at least three times a day and the joke is on her because she’s still here and transcribing us any time we're loud enough. But if you’re feeling the urge to write us off completely, we offer that you wouldn’t be here reading this message if there wasn't something here for you. We can help you in the process of calling in your highest soul's plan - you just need to open the door a crack. We'll nose it open fully.)


  • Call us in. We can talk to you directly, and we would love to do so.
  • If you have something with a unicorn on it, put it on, pour coffee into it, or put it where you can see it - this will help invite us in.
  • If you need a bit of quick help now, we will activate your third eye, polishing it up so your ability to follow our guidance and the guidance of your higher self and guardian angels is sharpened. You may participate in this powerful ceremony with us here.
  • If you would like deep, fast guidance through the channel we have chosen to come forward, you can book a session with Amber. She serves as a bridge and a translator for our powerful energetic healing and the wisdom that wants to come through specifically for you." 


(It feels a little weird talking about myself in third person, but this is what they wanted to say when they told me they wanted a page on the website. So here we are.)

If you have any questions about how this works, please feel free to shoot me a message here. And yes, "Unicorns, WTF?" is a completely valid question. : )


The unicorns like to push their way into my social media, so you can follow us here: