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WE RISE (Invitation!)


(to A cohort of magical women Rising the eff up)

Hi, my friend!

You’re reading this because your name popped to mind as I was pondered “Where can I find a group of amazing women to hang out with every week as we grow our lives and magic?” :)

So before I say any more things: Thank you so very much for being in my world. Honestly, you’re getting this not just because Magical Cohort made me think of you, but also because I would invite you to my wedding. (If I were ever to get married and it wouldn’t be too weird, as some of us have never met in person and is it weird to invite an internet friend to your wedding? I SAY NO.)

(If you’re thinking, “hold on, I haven’t talked to Amber in ages,” allow me to say that I have been in some deep stuff over the past few months and years, and - quite frankly - I wasn’t talking to anyone. Even my mom. Who was not thrilled about that.)

(Isolation and over-independence is one of my challenges in this life. I got a numerology report done recently, and my life challenge number was ALL OF THEM. I HAVE ALL THE LIFE CHALLENGES. Fuck you, numerology.)

Since emerging from the seemingly endless deep dive into wounding, dark-night-of-the-soul type shit, I’ve been pondering what’s next. Waiting for something to appear.

(Spoiler: Nothing appeared.)

So I began thinking to myself, “Well, what do I want? What sounds like fun?”

Honestly, I want something I’ve wanted for YEARS. Namely:

A soul-tribe of women who get together regularly (online, obvs, who wants to leave the house?) to play with all the amazing (and deeply challenging) pieces of being a deeply sensitive, creative, uninterested in rules, magic human. Who boost each other up and love each other and share their experiences and expertise and gifts and wonder with each other.

Women who rise together.

Tribe, community, sisterhood - these are all things I’ve been craving, especially in a way that helps us all rise - in love, abundance, travel, fun, adventure, joy, creativity, success, whatever the hell we want in life.

If you’re feeling this so far, here’s a bit more on how this will look:

(Frankly, it’s still half-baked because when I get going on something I don’t want to wait and my four-day birthday vacation begins soon, but …)

here are the “cohort of magic women” details as they stand:

Weekly zoom meetings (probably on tuesday eves) where we Play with things like:

  • Self-love (full acceptance and integration of all of ourselves - quirks, shadows, emotions we’d rather pitch over a cliff, demons, inner children, thighs, and all) 

  • Self-healing

  • Tuning into our own inner guidance

  • Magic - you are magic and as you know it ain’t all fairy dust

  • Challenges

  • Shadows (entities, depression, all the gnarly shit) 

  • Rising through those challenges and shadows 

  • Creativity - in all forms 

  • Writing - as an art form, as a calling, as a way to heal and learn yourself better 

  • Living a beautiful life, no matter what your financial situation 

  • Abundance

  • Leaning into whatever you’re calling in

  • Living in the moment as a way to peace and joy

One week each month will be a channeled-by-me meditation, energy clearing, healing session. (Like Activate, Elevate, or the Trailblazers mastermind, if you were in any of those.)

One week will be a Q&A for anything you’re really stuck on and would love a channeled / intuitive answer for.

Alternating weeks are group hang-out-and-have-fun-and-also-dive-deep mastermind-y calls - all of us with our mics on, everyone getting a chance to share and receive feedback and thoughts and love from the group.

Four months - August through November.

…with the option to keep it rolling if it ends up being the best ever.

Facebook group - for regular support and love from the group, and extra video teachings from me on anything that feels right/needs more attention

Access to all my recorded transmissions, courses, etc. You can have anything I’ve made that might help you on your journey. (All the transmissions - Trailblazers, Money Magic, Unicorn Academy, Seven Weeks of Magic, etc.)


This piece feels a bit tricky, because I want this to be a truly soul group of women, but I also know that the biggest transformation happens in the biggest container, and those containers are in part created through the investment. (In my experience, people show up the most powerfully when there’s a significant investment. Plus, holding and channeling within a container like this takes an enormous amount of my energy.)

So I’m thinking less than past masterminds but still a HELL YES I AM GONNA SHOW UP FOR MYSELF AND THE GROUP AND WE GONNA MOVE SOME MOUNTAINS amount.

If this is lighting your fire, let me know!

Just hit reply on that email I sent you and we’ll talk. :) I’m going to be releasing this into the world in a week or two, but wanted to send it to my soul people first, just in case you want first crack at it.

Lots of love and thank you so much for reading,

xo - Amber