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Channeler for the Order of Magdalena. Seventh dimensional energetic healer.* Empath. Bridge between the angelic and elemental realms.

Cosmic light being of indescribable wonder & cranky human who really enjoys cursing. Yes, we can exist in both the high and human realms at the same time. 

* Basically, I step out of time and space to heal energetically. Like, say, reverse trauma from four lifetimes ago or set up an angelic healing like a coffee pot on a timer, so someone in India gets plugged into powerful shots of energy while I’m asleep in California. Which is super convenient, given time zones.

I talk to Jesus. Like, regularly. It's a whole thing. 

Telling stories and blogging my weird adventures makes me happy. (We are all the heroes in our own epic tale, after all.) So does dancing, coffee, wandering through the woods, my sassy emotional support otter Sally, making big pots of soup on cloudy days, sticking my feet in the sea, and reading romance novels.

I live in a fairy cottage in Mill Valley, an idyllic hamlet just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Butterflies float lightly through my garden, deer wander past the deck hunting for snacks, and - when the wind is just right - you can hear goats nattering on the hill. My dream is to live somewhere that's saturated in tranquility, with a big kitchen and dogs and goats and giraffes. 


What Is It With that Woman and the Giraffes?

I'm so happy you asked! For I am super excited about giraffes. 

Giraffes first started clopping into my life a few years ago and now they’re everywhere. Mostly because they fill me with untethered joy, but also because they represent far-seeing yet grounded wisdom - head in the sky, feet firmly planted on the ground. Grounding the magical ether into the physical world is my jam.

Plus, giraffes are badass. Have you ever seen giraffes fight on youtube? They will own you. Giraffes can help us embrace both our inner child and our take-no-bullshit boundaries. 


My Work

Channeling and Energy Healing

Channeling is about receiving the wisdom and guidance that's most needed, and energy healing is about untangling the knots at the root of the challenge to help you feel better, lighter, and able to move forward powerfully and joyfully. 

I think of channeling as being a radio receptor for spirit. (Source, god, the universe, the flying spaghetti monster - whatever.) Tapping into that ultimate wellspring of love, wisdom, healing, and inspiration - funneling it down so it can be received on this plane. We are all capable of connecting with that source and grounding it here - and that is what the world needs most now. My goal is to help you hook into your own most potent source of magic and step into your soul's highest potential. 

I feel so honored to be doing this work on this planet at this time, helping humans awaken to their power and light and magic. 

Hooking in with the divine and translating it for other powerful souls is my joy and my reason for being here, whether in individual sessions or by transcribing it onto paper or pixel. 



Writing my stories was how I learned to make sense of my life. When I first began blogging at Moose in the Kitchen oh-so-many-moons ago, I was channeling my answers without even realizing it. 

Sometimes I start writing and something bigger and wiser takes over. Borrows my fingers to share something we need to hear. Even when I don't understand it. Especially when I don't understand it. Like that time someone asked me a question about her current direction and all that came to me was the word "chicken." AND THAT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE TO HER BECAUSE SHE HAD BEEN TRYING TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO RAISE CHICKENS. It was the best, forever, the end. (Update: She has chickens and they aren't living in her bathtub any more.) 

After five years as the associate editor of a San Francisco magazine and ten years as a freelance arts journalist, I decided to step away to focus on writing what delights the hell out of me - like, channeling and writing my stories. Sharing our joys and our pain is so vital now. Every story is needed, every story is another facet of love and truth that is needed by someone, and maybe millions of someones. 

After ricocheting through life like an overly-sensitive pinball in a loud arcade, I've finally learned how to tap into the peace that’s available to us all.

Not that I’m some marble sphinx of enlightenment - not even close. But now I catch myself faster when I fall. I understand the cycle of grief. I have more faith in myself to navigate this ever-shifting life landscape. I have a deeper appreciation for the light and power within us all, every last person born onto this spinning blue orb. 

We all live through things - big things, small things, wretched things, wonderful things - and it makes me so happy to write about mine. And to learn how similar my experience is to yours, in heart and essence if not always in details.  After live-tweeting my dad’s deathmultiple breakups and a miscarriage, I’ve gotten pretty adept at the grief cycle. Grief will whittle you down to your essence - every time I find myself in that crucible of loss, I emerge lighter. Hooray for life skills!

Easy links to my favorite stuff if you're curious: 

Some of my favorite life stories are here

My blog about my adventures as an intuitive is here

My book about a village of curious creatures who discover themselves and their superpowers - of science, emotion, and magic - is one of my favorite things ever. You can read the first story here, if you like tea-drinking, cravat-wearing raccoons. (Who doesn't?) 

Current project: Because I adore fantasy and romance novels, I'm writing a fantasy romance. There are dragons. 

YOu are magic. That's why you're here. 

We're all here to wake up. To our higher selves. To our superpowers. To our bright potential, both as individuals and as a collective. To the ultimate source of love, wisdom, and creative genius.

I hope to help you activate your superpowers, inspire your creative genius, comfort your sensitive soul, and turn your brilliant spark into a blazing bonfire. Let's ignite your magic so you can discover just how powerful you are. 

you and your gifts are so deeply needed. 

Thanks for joining me. I'm so glad you're here.


I made you something! 

It's called 6 Ways to Feel Better (Right the F@*% Now), and it's a collection of my favorite tools for feeling the feelings so you can proceed with being awesome. Sign up here and the magic internet giraffes will deliver it straight to your inbox.