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13 Magic Meditations

13 magic meditations.png
13 magic meditations.png

13 Magic Meditations


Meditations to help you tap into your own deep well of love, comfort, security, wisdom, and oh-wait-I-do-have-everything-I-need.

Energetic support for when you’re in a tsunami of feeling, stuck in a whirling brain, or just want to fall asleep already. Tracks to help you receive guidance from your higher self, next steps on your soul's path, and expand into joy, love, and a deep feeling of safety. 

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You'll receive meditations for...

  • easing overwhelm 
  • moving through anger
  • soothing sadness & grief (into something that feels slightly better)
  • healing a broken heart (broken hearts just suck and I’m so sorry you’re going through it - but this will help) 
  • worry (quieting a spinning brain and banishing the brain gremlins)
  • dissolving blocks (bye-bye horrible feeling of being stuck in the cement)

Meditations for feeling…

  • secure and safe 
  • ease
  • joy (an activation with the unicorns - they really wanted in on this one) 
  • returning to love


  • hearing your intuition and receiving guidance of your higher self
  • following your soul's path
  • going to sleep
  • and a bonus meditation to help you balance your energy 

Many of the meditations feature channeled guidance and energetic healings from Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Jesus, and Joan of Arc. (& don't be surprised when the unicorns show up - they straight up took over the joy meditation.)