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You’re ready to blaze fearlessly - and help the world rise with you.

You have a heart the size of Jupiter and enough creative genius to fill the Pacific Ocean.

You have a hell of a lot more faith in humanity than Twitter would lead you to believe is reasonable. You have a vision for the world that doesn't seem to align with the doomsday news - and you’re ready to do everything in your significant power to help us get there.

Being a leader for the new world means... 

  • connecting powerfully with your higher self

  • letting your fiery heart guide you

  • following your joy

  • following your nudges and guidance 

  • never giving up

  • trusting that everything is working in your favor 

  • connecting with all the love burning in your core

You’re ready. You know it’s time - to step into your power, your voice, your biggest vision for your life and for the world.

You're so ready to create the life you know you’re meant for - while helping the planet ascend.

The trailblazer mastermind begins on May 7!

It’s for artists and healers and creative entrepreneurs and anyone who’s had to blaze their own trail and write their own job description in order to really do what you’re here to do.

And you’re ready to step through the fear and into your biggest vision for your life and for the world.

If you’re reading this, you are a trailblazer.

You're here to blaze your own light, to be your own powerful iteration of spirit, to create in whatever way blisses you out and joys you up - and have that support you. Because you don't have the time or patience for anything else.

This is for the women who don’t follow rules or use other people's systems, because you don't need to, because you know that funneling your ideas through your heart and following your intuition is how you do your best work, have the greatest effect, help the most people - and make the most money.

We are instrumental in ushering in a new way of living our truth - fully and completely and with great freedom and joy and abundance every single day.

So ... how do you want to blaze forward?

What does your trail look like?

Obviously, your trail doesn’t exist yet - if it did, you wouldn’t have to be out there with your blowtorch - but how do you see it in your mind’s eye?

What are your wildest dreams?

Great. Now what are your even wilder dreams?

What do you need to make them happen? What love, what support, what channeled guidance and healing and inspiration would help you as you dive into this magnificent new era of creation and possibility? 

If you resonate with me and feel deeply called to serve the world - whether it’s with your art, your writing, your speaking, your teaching, your healing, you-being-your-own-glorious-weird, or any combination thereof - and you're ready and excited to create freedom and abundance and joy for yourself as you show up to your soul and its purpose, Trailblazers is for you. :)

Two spots are left and the early bird price ends on Monday, April 29!

If this is pinging your heart or lighting up your soul or you’re getting a big nudge: