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Hi, I'm Amber!

birthday me.jpg

I’m a weird, magical, otherworldly creature who mainly talks to other weird magical creatures - most of whom aren’t even in this dimension. Yes, this makes for a rich inner life.

Since you’re reading this (hi!), I bet you relate. (Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!)

In my world, Jesus rides around in the backseat of my car and throws me birthday raves - complete with unicorns doing backflips on trampolines and plenty of wine. Archangel Michael cleans my house. I nap with lions, ride dragons, zip up and down rainbow bridges, walk the savanna with giraffes, whip around to other star systems, and generally play in the multi-verse.

To most people, this probably sounds bat shit crazy. Maybe it is. But it’s where life has taken me - and luckily for both of us, you aren’t most people.

(Or you are, but are intrigued enough to keep reading. Which probably means you have dragons trying to climb in your back window. You should go let them in and maybe offer them a snack. Dragons like red hots served in a bucket.)

Raised in the Church of Hippie, I fled to the East Coast for college (Barnard in Manhattan, to get super specific) before doing a swan dive into unhealthy relationships and alcohol, wrestling myself out, and hurtling into a decade-long period of intense self-discovery. Mostly via becoming really well-versed in the grief process, something that truly sucked, but also cracked me open enough to begin down this path of delightful weird.

My coolest superpower is the ability to channel healing for people outside of space and time. My shittiest superpower is knowing when people are thinking mean things about me. I’ve had visions since I was a sprout and began playing with them in earnest about six years ago. I feel things energetically and know things I have no reason to know. For a long time, I just thought I was crazy. Learning what’s what - what’s mine and what isn’t, how to identify what shows up, and how to talk to the particular otherworldly being in my ear at the moment - has been a life saver.

In 3D land, I live in a colorful hobbit hole under the redwoods with my stuffed therapy otter, Sally.* I love a good bacon breakfast sandwich, work for myself (because I’m basically unemployable at this point) (plus all I want to do is write and channel in my pink flannel horse jammies), dance around my living room, hug trees, stare at the ocean, and read a lot of romance novels.

(*Sally got me through a miscarriage and we became inseparable. She likes sardines and writing love notes to people on the internet. Sometimes I strap her into the front seat of my car and we put the top down and go swerving around the curves of the California coast. It’s all totally normal.)

Here are some of the things I’ve done:

Paddled around with a (real) sea otter in the Pacific Ocean, spent a summer in Florence, ran a marathon, wrote a book, danced in a 49ers half-time show at Candlestick Park, went to Vegas and danced in a Forever 21 dressing room, drove across Costa Rica in torrential rain, threw up next to a bridge in Amsterdam, watched my dad die, channeled for a room full of people, miscarried, watched trees genuflect in the eye of a hurricane, wrangled a herd of pushy unicorns, skied a black diamond without killing myself, had visions of my daughter in a Super Duper Burger, got yelled at in Ireland, ran a 200-mile relay, ran another 200-mile relay, held a baby goat, avoided having a real job for an impressive length of time, turned cartwheels on a beach.

Here are some of the things I still want to do:

Feed a giraffe my breakfast muffin at the Giraffe Hotel in Kenya, have a couple of kids, watch the northern lights dance above my head, write a series of novels and a book of essays, marry my favorite person*, bake bread, build an empire, go for a hot air balloon ride, write a screenplay and see it on an actual screen, have a pet goat and also a dog.

*I don’t really believe in finding the right person - because what does that even mean? - but I do believe in marrying your favorite person, the person with whom you share a life where there’s mutual love and adoration and a similar growth-trajectory, where you both feel so damn lucky to be with each other, to live a life together, and are willing to show up and choose that every single day.

Here are some of the weird things I am:

Laid out here in case you resonate with any of them, know yourself to be any of them, or want to talk about any of them. Because Finding fellow souls on this winding path can be a challenge - so hi! I’m here.

Empath, energy healer, eighth generation sensitive (turns out that’s really goddamn sensitive), clairsentient, claircognizant, star seed, mystic, a bridge between humans and their magic, between the angelic and the elemental. Spirit translator, trailblazer, dragon-rider, self-proclaimed internet fairy godmother.

Probably some other things that I’ve forgotten or haven’t remembered yet.

I channel two main councils in the seventh and ninth dimensions - the Magdalena High Seven (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus*, Joan of Arc, Brigid, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Ariel) and the Magical Animals of Galilee (dragons, unicorns, giraffes, sea otters, a peacock, lions, and a feisty phoenix), as well as my Star Family and other Star Beings who step in during sessions. It’s fun. Even glorious. Occasionally downright transcendent. Sometimes it’s exhausting and everyone needs a big ol’ nap afterward. (If you’re curious about any of this, hit up my work-with-me page or shoot me a message.)

*Yep, I talk to Jesus. Disclaimer: I talk to the party Jesus who loved and wanted to help everyone. Accept no substitutes.

When it comes to this channeling and healing adventure, I’m not guiding from any pinnacle of zen-like wisdom. God, no. I’m right here on the path with you. (I’ll channel things and forget them, someone will quote me back to me and I’ll think “Wow, that sounds smart. It sure would help if I could manage to remember that for myself.”) Mostly, I think of myself as a universal secretary: I set up the meetings between you and your guides, I translate and transcribe as necessary, pass out water glasses and remind everyone to take lunch.

My main purpose in this world is to help and to love. To be love, to radiate love, to embody love, and to get better at loving myself and everyone else - while remembering that I do know how to do it, I was born to do it, and I can probably stop worrying about it already. I’m here on this spinning blue marble to do whatever I can to help the world step into the space of full-blown wow-we-finally-made-it, this-was-our-potential-all-along, peace, love, ascension, awakening. Whatever you want to call it, we’re doing it, it’s happening, and it’s why we’re here. This is the lifetime we’ve been training for, my friends. Fun, right?

(My human self often feels like I’m hardcore failing on this mission, but my higher self knows everything is right on track.)

If you’re still here, thank you. Thank you for being on this journey with me, thank you for reading this far.

You are my tribe. If there’s any way I can help, let me know.

Sending you so much love,

xo Amber

P.S. Okay, this about page sounds legit insane, but I firmly believe that the more we all own our weird, the better the world gets. Your weird is my favorite part about you. So light that shit up. Blaze it strong and blaze it proud.

giraffe ride.jpg

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Thank you so much for being here and for being you. xo

<— On my fortieth birthday I went for a giraffe ride and it was glorious.