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Feel Better

"You're too sensitive."

"Why are you crying in the frozen food section?"

"Did you just...throw your phone at the wall?"

If you've been known to sob on the living room floor and then binge-watch Netflix all day, this is for you.

If you've ever walked into a crowded party and ducked behind the nearest towering ficus, this is for you.

For us. 

Because we feel not only our feelings, but everyone else's feelings as well. 

If you...

  • Feel all the damn feelings all the damn time 
  • But can barely identify what those feelings even are
  • Are an artist, writer, creator, entrepreneur or healer
  • Can't seem to activate your life no matter how much "manifesting" and "identifying your desired feelings" you do
  • ...just want to feel better

You're in the right place... it's your time, my sensitive soul-siblings. 

learn the landscape of your feelings & tune in to your powerful inner guidance.

"This course is genius!" - Rita

learning to identify your feelings helps you turn on your internal gps —   anytime, anywhere

When you learn how to read the elevation changes of your moods, suddenly the whole world opens up. You can coast toward the life you truly want without having to ask for directions.  

We're taught to stuff down our feelings. But when we know how to listen, we can hear profound messages from our higher self:

>> Is that job actually the right fit?

>> Is that relationship really what you want?

>> Should you move to that cottage in the woods?

When you Feel Your Feelings, your life starts to magically happen around you in the way that feels better than anything else ever has. It's not about running your life (you've probably been trying that for decades and failing). It's about stepping into the life you were meant to live.

Instead of hiding behind the couch again when you feel sad "for no reason," you'll actually look forward to entering the world again.  You'll want to write. Want to work on your business. Want to do the dishes. Want to get out of bed.

(Your feelings will also let you know when not to write, do the dishes or to get out of bed. Because, sometimes, our soul and our body are being called to rest.)

Once you understand how the navigation settings work, your feelings are your most accurate GPS.

"It's been so wonderful - the whole course is such a beautiful, deeply personal, expansive thing. Part of me wishes it would go on forever. The universe is so much better for having this in it." - Si

If nothing has worked for you, it's because you were missing this vital piece

I've tried self-help books, therapy, courses, systems, and poring over provoking articles on the internet - but it just wasn't getting through. It was like there was a wall between me and what seemed to work for everyone else. 

If the thought of another manifesting/feel-what-you-want-to-feel/core desire feelings system makes you want to crawl under the bed, it's because you were missing this vital piece.

You need to clear out the old emotion, process what you've been carrying for yourself (and for others) your entire life.

Of course you can't "feel your desired feelings" if your body is infused with unprocessed grief and pain and sorrow.

Feeling your feelings will allow you to see and feel your tremendous power. You'll resonate on an entirely different level.

Learning to translate the messages of your feelings helps you feel lighter and brighter and happier, knowing you can ride the waves of anything life throws at you.

Okay, Great. Understanding my feelings is important. 
But how do I do that? 

Your feelings - this sensitivity you may not like much right now - is actually your superpower. I want to show you how to use it.

In this three-month course, you'll learn how to:

  • Truly feel your feelings (rather than thinking about your feelings) 
  • Shield yourself energetically from everyone else's feelings
  • Learn how to feel the way you want to feel - regardless of your external circumstances

BONUS: Feeling good magically attracts Those Things You Want.

Cool, right?  

feel better about everything (yes, everything) in 3 months

This is not another goddamn thing you need to do. This course is designed to make you feel better, not more overwhelmed.

"Amber's work is a life raft and a lighthouse for humans. I'm so grateful for the path she's shown me." - Jenna

Here's how it works

Each month, you'll receive:

  • Four short practical videos to help process your feelings
  • Weekly gentle reminders and prompts to keep you on track   
  • Intuitive readings and energetic healing (aka Spiritual Hair-Stroking) via video, email and audio mediation

MONTH 1: feel your feelings  

  • Learn magic-feeling techniques to process your emotion
  • The difference between feeling your feelings (and not just thinking about your feelings)
  • How to identify where your fear is physically showing up in your body and the 20-minute exercise that helped me land a new client


  • How the simple act of asking for help automatically delivers the answer
  • What to do the next time you start obsessing over something (money, a conversation at work, your ex)

MONTH 3: Here's where everything gets really good

  • Why visualizations are useless without first being able to identify your range of emotions
  • How to physically identify how your "desired feelings" actually feel in your individual body
  • Strategies to keep your practice consistent for life

The skills you learn here will last the rest of your life

The beauty of this course is that you can go back to it as often as you need. They're yours to keep—a deep practice to keep you in this space of lightness and freedom for the rest of your life. Guide yourself through the three months. Watch the videos. Play with the tools. Avail yourself of the gentle, channeled love and energetic healing as often as you need them.

If you need to start feeling better, like, yesterday, I've got your back. 


"Feeling the feelings? Game changing!" - Jennifer

My STory

People live in so much pain and so much of it is unnecessary. 

I know because I did, for many years. Dreading going out in public. Drained by relationships. Coping in any way I could, relying a bit too heavily on alcohol and drama and unhealthy connections.

After my dad died, hitting the escape button after 70 years of repressed feeling, something shifted. I knew I needed to go deeper. So I learned how to feel my emotions so I didn't stay buried under their weight.

I learned how to find my own source of love and light - and I can help you do it, too.

If you’re here, if you’re reading this, this is possible for you. It may take time, it will take work, it will certainly take courage, but - and I want you to take this with you - it is possible to feel better. 

I hope you'll join me on this journey!



Disclaimer, because I want you to have everything you need: I'm an intuitive healer, not a therapist or a doctor. This program offers tools to help you understand your own emotions but doesn't claim to cure depression. If you have depression, I'm happy to work with you in conjunction with the instructions from your doctor. I use a process called channeling to call in intuitive guidance. After years of therapy from different practitioners, I've found this work to be the game changer in my own journey, but also want to be very clear about what it is and what it isn't. These are beautiful and deeply effective tools, but if you're dealing with deep depression, trauma or abuse, please seek professional counseling in conjunction with this work.  

"amber's magic." - Laura Jane

Why I'm So Damn Excited About This