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Want to Feel Better?

Your feelings are your super power. You just have to learn how they operate. 

Your feelings are your super power

"You're too sensitive." "Why are you crying in the frozen food section?" "Are you hiding behind the couch again?" "Did you just...throw your phone at the wall?"

If you've been known to sob on the living room floor or walk into a crowded party and hide behind the nearest towering ficus, this is for you. For us. For the soft-shelled tribe o' way too many feelings. Empaths. Healers. Creatives. Writers. Artists. Sensitives.

Our emotion is our most significant power source - and it's time to learn how to plug in. 

This is your time, my sensitive soul mates. Time to grab your empathic super powers and let them show you everything you've been looking for. 

What will feeling your f#$%ing feelings do for your life? Everything. 

Learning to feel your feelings (rather than thinking about your feelings) will create massive shifts in  your world - quite possibly the shifts you've been wanting for years. 

for people with all the feelings:

Your feelings are your super power. You Just have to learn how they operate.