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Day 3



Hello, my stunning sweet peas! 

As a deeply sensitive person, you know that sometimes the emotion just sweeps you up. Sometimes you've been crying for long enough that it stops feeling like catharsis and starts feeling like dehydration. 

At this point, it's time for a new tool. 

White light, baby 

White light is love. White light is source energy. White light is pure peace. If none of these ideas connect with you, think about a pet that you absolutely adored - the dog that taught you unconditional love or the bunny that made you believe the world was good again. That beloved animal was radiating white light. That's what you felt when it licked you, nudged you, or snuggled up next to you when you were sad. 

White light is available to you every hour of every day forever and always - you just have to lean into it. 

You can ask for it. You can imagine it. You can visualize it.  You can picture white light filling you up, your body and your aura.

Imagine being put in a healing bubble pod of white light. Or gently leaning your forehead on a great ball of pure light and letting it soothe you. 

Whenever I do this, I immediately feel better. Whatever feels raw and devastated and torn up immediately eases. It's like balm for the soul. And you can have it whenever you want. Try it. 

If you have any trouble connecting with white light or feeling it, simply ask that comfort show up in the best way for you to feel it in this moment. Asking our higher selves / god / guides / subconscious for help allows it to flow in.

We’ll be covering this in more depth when we dive into Feel Better. :)