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Seven Weeks of Magic

Seven Weeks of Magic

usher in a powerful new phase of life with seven weeks of channeled magic

This is the time we've been waiting for, the time we've been training for - and We're ready to hold the light, to step fully into our roles here on earth. 

Now is the time that we come into full alignment with our path, with our delightful weird. Co-creating with spirit and the universe, from our true power and light, to receive our soul's desires. When the pieces fall into place. When we finally integrate the self care our deeply sensitive bodies and spirits require. When things happen in a new way. When we release the old patterns and wounds and create what we’re here to share with the world. To finally welcome in the ease and joy, freedom and magic, that our hearts have been craving. 

Because your people need you, the world needs you, the whole goddamn universe and its infinite planes need you. Seriously. If you're reading this, that is 100 percent truth.

You're here and you're ready.

So here's your invitation to welcome in magic and powerful creation: 

Join me for seven weeks of channeled magic and guidance from spirit - everything you need to step into your light.

When we listen to our human brains and egos, it's easy to fret over the hows. How do I write that book? How do I make that money? How do I call in that relationship? How do I find my path? How can things just be goddamn easier already? But when we step into the channeled space, into the light, when we steep ourselves in divine energy and big love, we see how easy it truly is.

Let's do it together. 

Each week you'll receive a channeled video full of meditations, activations, quantum healing, and guidance from my powerhouse councils.* 

* I work with the Magical Animals of Galilee and the Magdalena High Seven - and since they're pushing me to do this, they will definitely be making an appearance. So don’t be surprised if Joan of Arc rides in on a dragon to give you a cord-cutting sword, Archangel Michael powers up your energetic boundaries, unicorns gallop in to activate your intuition, Jesus re-wires your neural patterns so your brain stops driving you bonkers, Mother Mary wraps you in a fuzzy blanket of love, or a feisty phoenix burns away everything you no longer need. 

Each video will be about forty-five minutes, available for you to listen to over and over, to bask in the divine energy and work with the guidance. Homework paired with each video will help you ground the magic into your day-to-day life. 

Week 1: CLEAR 

We'll clear space to welcome in what's next, what you truly desire, with ease and joy. (Energetic clearing creates massive space and energy and physical clearing is potent medicine.) 

Week 2: FEEL 

We'll play with feelings and process emotion to help us move forward. (If I'm stuck creatively, in a haze, feeling depressed, or just not sure what to do next, it often means I need to feel something and, as soon as I do, energy and inspiration returns.) 

Week 3: CONNECT 

We'll learn how to connect more powerfully with the universal help that's always available to us - our spirit guides, ascended masters, your intuition, higher self, and divine light. This is how you get clarity and momentum to create the life you want and greatly increase your impact. 


Empaths and highly sensitive people are at their best when supported by nourishing daily routines, like grounding, energetic clearing, and guided daily habits to support the dreams you're calling in this year. 

Week 5: CREATE 

How to connect with the ultimate source of creativity, from which all the greatest works of genius spring. Yes, you have the same access to that source as Shakespeare, Spielberg, and JK Rowling. 

Week 6: JOY 

We'll lean into joy together, the highest energy you can bask in, the one that draws in opportunity and magic and swoops you toward your biggest and best creations - in work, in art, in life.

Week 7: MAGIC 

Activating your superpowers, owning your gifts and your light and your genius. Stepping in, even when it's scary. Being seen in your goddamn magnificence. 


here’s your portal:

You'll receive an email each time a video lands, every Week for seven weeks. You'll also get access to the page where all the videos and homework live. 

We’re on the earth in an extraordinary era. It's my intention that these channeled videos be everything you need to flow joyfully through the next few months - and your life. Because this is the one we’ve all been training for.

It's time. Let's do this thing.

I love you all and I'm so excited to be on this journey with you. 

xo Amber