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Web Crush Sunday: Frankenstein Gets a Dog and Killing My Lobster Gets More Awesome, As If That Was Even Possible


Killing My Lobster is a San Francisco-based sketch comedy group that's been a hey-those-dudes-are-funny-and-damn-I'm-hot-for-funny crush of mine for almost a decade now. I wrote a story about them for a local magazine before I even knew what blogging was. I was tweeting about them in my head before Twitter even existed. (Back then, they were called "thoughts.") Most of their stuff is pretty San Francisco-centric, like the incredible Coffee Wars and Twilight Zone, but my new favorite is the geographically non-specific Frankenstein Gets a Dog. It's a cute dog. It teaches Frankenstein how to love and how to not be creepy around girls in bars. Everyone wins.

Fun fact: the park they use in the video was three blocks from my apartment in San Francisco. I used to walk there every day. When I bought Popeye's chicken to go sit on a park bench and wait for the dogs to come trotting over, that's where my puppy-bribing behind was planted. Hi, Alamo Square!