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Web Crush Sunday: My Drunk Kitchen Makes a Pseudo Rap Video About Food and Makes Me Seriously Consider Switching Teams


As you know, the internet is a magical place where web fairies regularly cause amazing things happen. Sometimes those amazing things end up on video and I end up watching them seven times in a row. Hence, Web Crush Sunday.

Everything I post will be from legit web crushes, people who, if I ever actually met them, would render me invisible because I dove behind a sofa when the glaring brightness of their awesome became too much to endure. All videos are carefully vetted by my own complex algorithm, where the number of friends I've emailed the link is multiplied by "Man, this is what the internet is for." You can't argue with math.

What I'm saying is, these are videos I like a lot and I think you will too.

My inaugural web crush award goes to My Drunk Kitchen because Hannah Hart is made of comedy gold. (Ice cream! Brunch! Pretentious-Ass Cookies!)

As if getting drunk and cooking and being funny wasn't enough, she went and made a rap video about food. And my whole life got better. Yours will too. Behold: