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Exclamatory Notes From a Panda


Pole dancing is actually the most fun ever! Hooray for getting to swing wildly around a giant pole without enraging firemen or accidentally breaking a stop sign!

Where does one find a wealthy patron for ridiculous ideas? I have a cuddle zoo that needs funding,* a hot air balloon that needs buying, and a lollipop forest that needs building. Have pen! Will fill out application!

* Hi, Brandy! Our dreams of llama-snuggling are close.

I've been adventuring! Two weekends ago was Point Dume and last weekend was biking through Venice Beach, past the television ninjas and acrobats in tutus and 60-something men poling their skateboards down the boardwalk like Huckleberry Finn down the Mississippi river.

Point Dume. Not Mount Doom, though I would completely understand your confusion. I was a little disappointed myself.

March is officially the month with all the productivity and all the endorphins, two things which equal all the happy. That also deserves an exclamation point.