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Today Needs a Shot of Klonopin


Yesterday morning, I was sitting with a friend in his San Francisco kitchen as we drank way too much coffee and talked and talked and talked some more until he said, "You know, you can leave any time. You don't need to sit in my kitchen and give me a two-hour therapy session." "Are you kidding? I LOVE THIS STUFF. LET'S KEEP TALKING ABOUT OUR FEEEEEEEELLLLIINNNNGS FOREVER."

He took my coffee away.

How This Was Going To Be a Real Blog Post But Now It's Not

I was going to talk about my trip to San Francisco and all the strange and delightful things that happened there - ex hauntings! freak hailstorms! port-guzzling dinner parties! 6 a.m. meditation in a room full of candles and cute men! adorable children in robot sweaters counting in Japanese! - but this day has decided to completely elude my grasp and now I must go chase it down and stuff it in my big ol' bag of Behave.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday where nothing eludes your grasp. Or, if it does, you nimbly chase it down with your superhero cape flapping behind you.